Mekhi Becton, New York Jets
Mekhi Becton, New York Jets, Getty Images

There New York Jets players had weight changes that were noticeable at OTAs

The Big Ticket may be the star of the weight-loss show, but he is not the only New York Jets player who changed shape.

Before breaking for a pre-training camp vacation, Robert Saleh warned his players to stay conditioned. The offseason downtime is among a coach’s worst fears, as players often get away from their training regimen and proper eating habits, causing them to get out of shape.

On the flip side, Mekhi Becton showed in 2022 that a month of consistent training can do wonders for a player’s conditioning. After showing up to OTAs at a reported 395 pounds, he came to training camp noticeably trimmer.

Here are the Jets players whose appearance appeared to change this offseason—some for the better, others for the worse.

Mekhi Becton

As stated earlier, Becton is the king of losing weight. He came into OTAs at 342 pounds, a whopping 50 pounds lighter than last year. He had been posting workout photos over the offseason chronicling his journey. Becton states that his mental health is also in a good place. While his off-field chirping has not ceased, perhaps a motivated Becton will finally actualize the potential he displayed as a rookie.

Sauce Gardner

When Sauce Gardner entered the NFL, many pundits said that he could use 10 pounds of muscle. It appears that he took that seriously, as he definitely looks at least somewhat beefed up. Here are videos and photos of him from 2022 training camp vs. 2023 OTAs.

Decide for yourself: did Sauce get a bit thicker, or is he still the same rod-thin player?

It’s hard to say that Gardner needed to change anything at all after his electric rookie season. Still, to improve in the run game, perhaps a little more muscle would be helpful. On the flip side, Sauce’s insane ability to break, start and stop, and flip his hips likely comes with a thinner frame.

Micheal Clemons

This one has already been commented on and noted. Micheal Clemons, already an imposing presence, is up from 275 pounds into the 290s, per defensive coordinator Jeff Ulbrich. The Jets plan to use him in a John Franklin-Myers role, kicking him inside in obvious passing situations.

Look out, opposing guards.

Robert Saleh

Although he’s not a player, who could fail to notice that Saleh showed up on the golf course looking absolutely ripped? At 44 years old, the Jets head coach is apparently determined to practice what he preaches. How do you look your coach in the eye if you’re out of shape while he looks like a football player?

Breece Hall

Unfortunately, this is one of the downsides of an ACL tear. Beyond just being unable to play, the time away from training can make it difficult for players to keep their weight down. Breece Hall is reportedly progressing nicely in his rehab, but he looked thicker than his 2022 form in the videos from OTAs.

As Hall works his way back from injury, he will likely want to shed a few pounds, too.

It will be interesting to see what changes and what stays the same weight-wise when the team reports for training camp in July.

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