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NY Jets change MNF uniform to meet Breece Hall’s wishes

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Breece Hall, New York Jets, Getty Images

Breece Hall asked for a new uniform combo and the New York Jets obliged

In a Twitter post on Thursday, Breece Hall made it clear what uniform combination he wants the New York Jets to wear on Monday Night Football: white jerseys with black pants.

We already knew the Jets would be wearing their standard white jerseys in this game, as the Chargers revealed in their uniform schedule (released prior to the season) that they would be wearing their powder blue jerseys against the Jets. The only question is what color pants the Jets would wear.

Approximately one hour later, Hall seemingly revealed that he had been informed the team was instead planning to wear white pants. Hall used a facepalm emoji to convey his disappointment.

Doom and gloom presided over the Jets fanbase and organization for two whole days after it was revealed that the white-on-black uniform was overlooked yet again. It seemed like the franchise was destined to collapse in short order after this catastrophic decision.

But on Saturday morning, Woody Johnson came up clutch at the buzzer with the life-changing news Jets fans were waiting for.

According to Johnson, the Jets will be rocking their white-on-black combination against the Chargers, marking the first time New York will be wearing the combo this year.

The Jets enjoyed great success with this look in 2022, highlighted by a four-game winning streak in October where the Jets wore the set in all four games. Ultimately, the Jets finished 2022 with a 5-2 record when combining the black pants with the white jerseys, including a 2-0 record at home.

Not only does this franchise-altering news greatly increase the Jets’ chances of winning (it’s proven by the analytics), but it will also please the majority of the fanbase.

I put out a poll on Thursday (just a few hours before Hall’s initial tweet) where I asked fans which combination they wanted to see on Monday. White-on-black won by a longshot with 59% of the vote. White-on-white came in second with a 30% share while the widely loathed white-on-green look unsurprisingly came in last at 11%.

Most fans reading this are probably thinking, “Can we just wear the throwbacks again?” And I agree with you! That is undoubtedly the Jets’ best look in their current wardrobe and I am an advocate of making those the primary uniforms in 2023.

However, the Jets cannot and will not wear those uniforms again in 2023 due to NFL rules. Teams are only allowed to wear an alternate uniform up to three times in a season. The Jets are planning to wear their all-black look with black helmets in Week 12 when they host the Miami Dolphins on Black Friday. That will be their third and final alternate game of the year, as they have already worn the throwbacks twice.

We will have to wait until 2024 to see if the Jets make the smart decision and switch to their 1980s throwbacks full-time. For now, Breece Hall and 59% of Jets fans can celebrate that the team will grace the prime-time spotlight in a uniform that has a .714 winning percentage attached to it.

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7 months ago

Horrible. They need to get rid of the black totally unless its used as a trim. The idea of having uniforms is to distinguish the teams, everybody wears black. It really needs to stop. They wore this combo way too much last year. It was great to see them moving back to their real team colors now this last minute change.

I really hope they do a reset next season. Obviously, the throwbacks are the way to go, they can use the green jerseys with the white pants, the white on white, and keep the new green. They can use throw backs for the “Namath” uniforms. I wish they hadn’t made this last minute change. There is no need for the Jets to be wearing black.

7 months ago

Hard hitting news and analysis, as usual.

7 months ago

That’s an AWFUL combo!! Where the all black once a year, but a white/green jersey with black pants. Someone got dressed hungover!!