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NY Jets players chime in on debate that’s taking over social media

Sauce Gardner, Deuce McBride, NY Jets, Knicks
Sauce Gardner, Deuce McBride, New York Jets, New York Knicks, Getty Images

Could NFL and NBA players switch leagues and still play at a high level? Here’s what the New York Jets think

Could NBA players make the jump to the NFL? Would NFL players be able to compete on the court in the NBA?

In their latest post on X (formerly Twitter), players from the New York Jets chimed in on both sides of the argument that is taking over social media.

Aaron Rodgers and Tyler Conklin both said NBA players could not play in the NFL without any hesitation. Most players agreed with this sentiment, citing factors such as hot training camp practices and the contact of the sport as the main reasons. On the other hand, Garrett Wilson said NBA players could make it in the NFL, but he could also make it in the NBA.

When asked if NFL players could play in the NBA, Rodgers immediately said yes and cited Davante Adams as someone who could make the jump. The answer prompted cornerback D.J. Reed to chime in, saying, “AR love him some Davante.”

Conklin, a former college basketball player, responded by simply saying “positive.” Running back Breece Hall said there are at least ten players he thinks he could “give buckets to” in the NBA. He later named T.J. McConnell, Payton Prichard, Patrick Beverley, Tyus Jones, and Trae Young as players he could score on.

The root of this debate is Austin Rivers, who said on the Pat McAfee Show, “I can take 30 players right now in the NBA and throw them in the NFL. You cannot take 30 NFL players and put them in the NBA.”

In my opinion, Rivers is wrong in his statement. Due to the physicality of both sports, the easier transition would be moving from football to basketball. Most NFL players are world-class athletes who are used to contact at a high level; with the proper training and practice, they could transition to play at a high level.

On the other hand, only a select few players could transition from basketball to football. Most players would have to add on weight, potentially sapping their athletic gifts. They would also have to get accustomed to being hit consistently, which is much easier said than done.

Based on their answers, the Jets’ roster seems to fall into a similar line of thinking. Until a player officially tries to switch between sports, all we can do is enjoy speculating and hearing players’ thoughts on the interesting hypothetical topic.

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