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A New York Jets mock draft in a Round 1 trade-down scenario looks incredibly enticing when it’s all said and done.

Robby Sabo

Why so mad? Could it be Jerry Jeudy was passed on by your New York Jets? Could it be Tristan Wirfs was unexpectedly available at No. 11 and Joe Douglas did not pull the trigger?

Ah yes, the joys of mock draft season. Fans fall in love with the names projected to be drafted near their favorite team’s first-round slot. Attempting to explain the importance of “situation” as opposed to talent alone is as fruitless an exercise that exists in today’s league.

Therefore, the mere mention of a trade-down scenario will have the majority of the fanbase go absolutely nuts.

It’s strange, though; how is this possible when many successful rebuilds were kickstarted by the accumulation of assets?

Think Dallas Cowboys, Herschel Walker. At the time, those Boys were crucified for trading the athletic freak to the Minnesota Vikings for a gigantic draft package. NFL insiders actually (publicly) questioned the organization’s desire to win football games.

By the time it was all over, Jimmy Johnson‘s Cowboys had won back-to-back Super Bowls on their way to a third with Barry Switzer. While, of course, the Jets won’t receive the grand larceny of a haul Dallas did, there are still incredible options that remain possible.

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There is a lot of truth in that at this point in the process you get married to certain prospects and don’t want to lose them. . Trading down becomes difficult. From a contract perspective we have seen JD have a pretty good understanding of value in Free Agency.. Hope he remains objective in this draft process, takes discipline . Faith in JD.


Great trade down options , good value can be obtained in the third and fourth rounds. In option two don’t the Jets have to kick back at least a fourth round pick ?

Jet X
Jet X

Maybe, but not necessarily. If ATL is desperate, they may pull that trigger.