Jamal Adams, Patrick Mahomes
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Patrick Mahomes is the one glaring reason nobody can get on the New York Jets for Jamal Adams‘s current non-extension situation.

Robby Sabo

Down 10, 7:15 remaining in the fourth quarter and a third-and-5 situation represented the roadblock. For Patrick Mahomes, nothing had gone right all night—to the point most onlookers would label him as “shook.”

He had thrown picks, been sacked and rattled to the point he could not stop staring down that incredible San Francisco 49ers pass rush. Instead of hanging in the pocket tough and delivering the ball on a dime (while taking a hit), his eyes turned to the Nick Bosas of the world flying off the edge.

Hell, he was even aiming the ball when slinging it—something any man who’s ever played the position could spot.

Then, suddenly, the floodgates opened on a downfield shot—something that works in today’s game more than ever before, thanks to the pass-heavy, high-scoring rules. Mahomes slung it up for Tyreek Hill who broke loose in an overrated Niners secondary.

The rest is history. Kansas City won its first Super Bowl since the 1969 season on the heels of a Mahomes MVP performance. Next up was Disney World, parades and the finest things for a very rich young man who’s dominating the game of life.

Not exactly.

His 2020 base salary stands at a meager $825,000. The grand total for the kid this season is around $2.7 million thanks to certain guarantees. That’s right; the 2018 NFL MVP, Madden cover boy and Super Bowl MVP is set to make peanuts (in the NFL superstar world, of course).

How could anybody ever get on the New York Jets for not extending Jamal Adams up to this point?

The best safety in the world also wants a new contract, yet drama has certainly reared its ugly head since the trade deadline. Emotions dealing with disrespect and cryptic tweets have led to noise surrounding the Adams extension discussion in New Jersey.

The real alarm bells come by way of Adams’s words in January. He “fully expects” to get this extension done this offseason.

“We’ve had small discussions thus far, not in detailed talks yet, just talked about it,” Adams tweeted. “With that being said, I fully expect to be extended this offseason. I want to be in New York!”

Whether that was a preemptive public message for the organization or excitement based on feelers, none of us know. But the contrasting message Adams put forth when compared to Mahomes is a rough one on the eyes.

Back west a bit, not a peep has been heard. In fact, the opposite is the message that’s continuing to hit NFL headlines.

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