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NY Jets OL is not to blame for Aaron Rodgers’ Achilles injury (Film)

New York Jets, Aaron Rodgers, Achilles Injury, Sabo Sessions
New York Jets, Aaron Rodgers, Achilles Injury, Sabo Sessions, Getty Images

Revisiting the horror is necessary

It’s tough to imagine, courtesy of the offensive line’s deplorable production. It’s tough to stomach, thanks to Aaron Rodgers’s overall greatness.

Yet it is nonetheless true: The devastating Aaron Rodgers Achilles injury of last season does not lie at the feet of the New York Jets offensive line.

Though appropriately breaking it down does not make the missed opportunity of 2023 any easier to swallow, it’s nonetheless critical to analyze—particularly as we embark on a fresh NFL season.

These Jets, the current version, are loaded with talent. Even the organization’s staunchest detractors cannot disagree. With a 40-year-old quarterback leading the way and a half-decade of crippling injuries—especially along the offensive line—devastating injuries yet again represent the rub.

Thus, revisiting the horrors of 2023’s Week 1 is necessary.

Taking it one step further, understanding the reality of that horrific nightmare is even more appropriate.

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The atmosphere played a major part

No matter the specifics—where each fan comes down on the overall disappointment of the season—there’s one thing the entirety of New York Jets fandom agrees on and remains united regarding …

The introduction to the New York Jets 2023 season was (as the kids say) “lit.”

Newcomer Aaron Rodgers flew out of the tunnel with the American Flag, ready to battle the AFC East rival Buffalo Bills on Sept. 11. MetLife Stadium was rocking, TV viewers were tingling, and the players’ juices were free-flowing.

Believe it or not, these flowing juices played a major part in the Rodgers-torn Achilles.

Situation and personnel

The Jets fourth offensive snap of the season came in a first-and-10 situation. New York featured 12 personnel in an 11-personnel look—a 3×1 Y Trips formation that placed the running back on the weak side of the gun:

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5 days ago

I think you have to throw in age as a factor, too. Even if Brown’s poor block and Rogers’ hesitancy played into it, he ended up not getting hit that hard. As I recall, he was just bent over in an awkward position when he got hit, which put some stress on his ankle, but nothing that looked very extreme or violent. I don’t think anyone was expecting to see him get injured from that, and I’m sure many younger players would have bounced up from it barely feeling a tweak. At age 39, though, it was a tear.