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NY Jets OTA notes: Aaron Rodgers’ arm strength is more than fine

New York Jets, Aaron Rodgers, Garrett Wilson, Malachi Corley
New York Jets, Aaron Rodgers, Garrett Wilson, Malachi Corley, Getty Images

Aaron Rodgers’s arm is right where it needs to be

FLORHAM PARK, NJ—Immediately scampering to his right, out of the pocket, ensuring to move the defensive coverage in that very direction, a certain NFL quarterback decided to prove that he still has plenty of cannonballs in reserve.

Tuesday’s media-attended New York Jets OTA session saw Aaron Rodgers stamp out the narrative that he may have lost a bit too much on his fastball.

Flushing right, Rodgers moved the coverage with his eyes, only to go against the grain. The result was a cross-body pass that traveled around 50 yards in the air, perfectly landing in Xavier Gipson’s breadbasket as the closest safety did his best to recover.

Gipson’s RAC of about 20 yards did the rest on the touchdown.

Jeremy Ruckert heavily involved

Third-year tight end Jeremy Ruckert enjoyed by far his best media-attended OTA session on Tuesday.

It started early in team sessions when Aaron Rodgers found him near the sideline on a pretty reception where the Ohio State product had to dig it near the ground. Although the defense definitely won that rep, the haul was impressive, nonetheless.

Then, Rodgers found Ruckert again for a nice downfield chunk against the perfect defensive coverage. In other words, the passing concept was perfect for the coverage called.

Later, in 7v7s, Ruckert caught a shallow cross out of a bunch that caught the defense in the wrong coverage. (Nearly 100 percent of the time, defenses will check into a zone or man-match against a bunched-up look; more on how to evaluate these sessions below on this page.)

If Kenny Yeobah was the star tight end a couple of OTAs ago, it was definitely Ruckert on this day.

Nick Mangold makes an appearance

New York Jets legend Nick Mangold was in attendance Tuesday.

He was first spotted mixing it up with his fellow offensive linemen, and having a one-on-one conversation with center Joe Tippmann.

Obviously, Jets fans love to see fan-favorites coming back into town to attend practices, but Mangold is on another level in many regards.

Other OTA notes

  • Offensive tackle Tyron Smith did not practice (but was spotted on the exercise bike).
  • Yet again, most of the defensive line was not practicing: Quinnen Williams, Haason Reddick and Jermaine Johnson, to name a few.
  • Do not underestimate Xavier Gipson’s offensive contribution this season. He once again put up a stellar day offensively.
  • Both Braelon Allen and Isaiah Davis are impressing everybody in the passing game. Allen may have had the catch of the day, high-pointing a left sideline ball from Tyrod Taylor. It was underthrown just a tad, but Allen came away with it after he separated from 1v1 linebacker coverage.
  • Micheal Clemons made a tremendous defensive play early in team sessions on what was a misdirection-type passing play.
  • Jarrick Bernard-Converse broke tightly on a flat concept out of a body/rub concept.
  • Garrett Wilson and Sauce Gardner continue to light up the field. Garrett did his usual thing, whereas Sauce’s highlight was a quick break on an Allen Lazard three-step slant (incompletion).
  • Tony Adams was up and down on Tuesday, with his highlight coming in 1v1 coverage against Ruckert, a deeper back-shoulder ball that saw him get his inside arm up at the perfect time.

The truth about evaluating OTA and camp sessions

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