Nick Mangold, Rob Ryan
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New York Jets legend Nick Mangold announces he just needs “time” to reach his Rob Ryan social media goals.

What’s life without a little levity? What’s life without humor?

Well, for most, life doesn’t exist without those things. For Nick Mangold, it’s not even a topic to debate. The man who once “declared retirement” just cannot get enough of the good-humored life.

On Wednesday, the former New York Jets center announced he just needs “time” in order to one day look like Rob Ryan.

Mangold, 36, is always up for a good time. Look no further than the already-classic Ryan Fitzpatrick postgame interview following a big-time win over the Dallas Cowboys five years ago.

It’s why his Twitter account is a must-follow for all football fans.

Ryan, 57, has always showcased a godly physique all athletes envy on a daily basis. Or at least that’s what Mangold may say if he was forced to describe his former coach’s brother.

Unlike Rex, Rob has never been granted the opportunity to showcase his head coaching skills in the NFL. He’s been a part of two Super Bowl-winning teams (linebackers coach for the New England Patriots first two championships), one more than Rex’s sole title coming in 2000 (defensive line coach for the Baltimore Ravens).

A year ago, Rob served as inside linebackers coach for the Washington Redskins. Mangold, meanwhile, continues his grand life with tremendous levity involved. And although it’s feasible Mangold could one day, eventually look a little like Rob Ryan, at least for now the world will take it as another Mangold gem of a tweet.

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