Jamal Adams
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NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport believes the “ship has sailed” on the New York Jets trading Jamal Adams to the Dallas Cowboys.

Any possible Jamal Adams’s dreams of standing in the middle of the field on the Big D star will have to remain far-fetched fiction.

According to NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport, the “ship has sailed” on any New York Jets deal sending the best safety in the league to the Dallas Cowboys, via Mike Fisher of SI.com.

“I sense no momentum for the Cowboys at all with Jamal Adams,” Rapoport said. “I’m not saying this is dead forever, (but) … I kind of think that that ship has sailed a little bit.”

Adams, 24, hasn’t said much publicly but has ramped up his cryptic social media activity since the end of last season.

He clearly wants a new deal. He clearly deserves a new deal. The problem is simple: very rarely do players snag that extension after just the third year of the rookie deal.

The Cowboys have long remained the most logical destination for Adams (other than staying tight with the Jets) for obvious reasons. The Lewisville, TX native grew up just a half-hour away from Dallas. The Baltimore Ravens have also recently popped up as a possible destination.

Joe Douglas and the Jets want nothing to do with even remotely thinking about trading their best player. If that were untrue, he would have been gone prior to the 2020 NFL draft. No general manager in his right mind would trade his best player after the draft, forcing the incoming assets to wait a year.

At the same time, the Jets aren’t wrong in this situation.

“I get it,” Rapoport said. “OK. He wants to get paid. Everybody wants to get paid. It’s frustrating. Nobody is getting paid right now (due to the COVID-19 pandemic). I think we’re going to see a flurry of contracts before training camp and then really early in training camp. No owner right now is committing the kind of money per player in the signing bonus that it would take to sign one of the elite players.”

Adams skipped the team’s virtual offseason program. Next up is the reopening of the Atlantic Health Training Facility.

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