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Nania’s All-22 film breakdown helps sort out New York Jets defensive tackle Quinnen Williams‘s strengths and weaknesses.

He didn’t exactly light the world on fire in 2019. Rookie Quinnen Williams reminded nobody of Aaron Donald and did very little to ease the New York Jets’ worries about his selection in the three-hole of the 2019 NFL draft.

His grand total of 2.5 sacks and 28 tackles (four tackles for loss) didn’t inspire any one Jets fan a year ago. His 67.4 overall grade dished out by Pro Football Focus also didn’t help immediate matters.

At the same time, fair is fair: the kid is extremely young. And for those who spoke with him last year, it became quickly evident that he has a lot of room to grow not only as a player, but also as a human being (as we all did at his young age).

Michael Nania uses Nania’s All-22 to highlights Williams’s strengths and weaknesses. Obviously, his run-stuffing abilities led the way last year (graded 72.9 by PFF), while his pass-rushing production showcased the need for some work (graded 57.7), but the kid’s athletic ability coupled with his size offers up tempting possibilities.

Next to Foley Fatukasi, Steve McLendon, Henry Anderson, Kyle Phillips, Nathan Shepherd and more, the interior of Gregg Williams’s defensive line has more than enough talent to get the job done in 2020. The question is, “Will Quinnen Williams take the next step and rightly assume his place in the NFL as a young stud worthy of the No. 3 overall pick in the NFL draft?”

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