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The New York Jets-Jamal Adams relationship is heading down a dark path, something that could doom the relationship forever. 

Look throughout sports history. Usually, when an athlete or his/her organization sours on the other side publicly, it’s the beginning of the end. It’s not always the case, but think of some recent examples.

The moment Kristaps Porzingis decided to make his anger known, by skipping the now-infamous exit meeting with Phil Jackson, he and the New York Knicks never recovered. The two sides could never mend fences and he now plays in Dallas with the Mavericks.

Odell Beckham Jr. signed a longterm deal with the New York Giants and all looked wonderful on the blue side of town. Then, suddenly, he brings Lil’ Wayne with him on an interview and pubicly states his displeasure with the Giants organization. Not even that mega-deal could save OBJ and the Giants as one.

Jamal Adams may just be that next New York sports athlete who separates from his initial employer.

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Of course, if Joe Douglas and the New York Jets decided to pony up the dough at this very moment, the LSU product is most likely going nowhere. The man wants to get paid and deserves that money—no matter how rare it is to see a kid receiver that desired extension after just the third year of a rookie deal.

But if the money doesn’t come until after the fourth year, which is what the Jets have been aiming for the entire time, what will happen? Only a dark, disturbing road ahead can be pictured in such a situation, one that provides no easy answers.

Sabo Radio 42 dives into the Jamal Adams topic which is suddenly back thanks to the man’s comments on a social media Instagram post. Plus, Sam Darnold‘s Florida training session and Christian Hackenberg’s baseball hopes are also discussed.

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I love your work, as usual you are spot on concerning Jamals best path to the bag. Jamal should live up to his original agreement Yes he deserves it but its not how it works with the uncertainty regarding next years cap
Re promises made… original promises were made when he signed his rookie contract ….either your word is good or it is not