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New York Jets strong safety Jamal Adams has officially requested a trade which places Joe Douglas in a no-win situation.

June 18, 2020, a day that may forever live in New York Jets infamy. Maybe. Perhaps. It all depends on what transpires moving forward.

This was the day Jamal Adams officially requested a trade.

It happened on the same day he replied to a random commenter on Instagram with the capper reading “maybe it’s time to move on.” Maybe he officially requested a trade around that very same time on Thursday. (It just didn’t leak out until later on in the day.)

Both parties have been clear throughout this process. Adams has maintained his desire to be extended prior to the 2020 season while the Jets continued to preach their desire to make their best player a Jet for life. Considering the issue isn’t even about money yet (as the two sides are looking at two completely different timetables), this one is probably heading down a road that has no return.

Adams’s most recent actions now firmly place Joe Douglas in a no-win situation. He can still obviously salvage things and make it right for the Jets, but on the surface, no matter which way he goes, a chunk of the individuals invested in this organization will think it was the incorrect move.

If he trades the man, the Jets yet again traded away their best player. If he signs the man to an extension prior to the season, he just rewarded a guy who used the public to get his way.

Douglas has preached “culture” for a year now. It’s the extra layer that makes this thing so tricky.

Sabo Radio 45 dives into the Jamal Adams trade request and how New York Jets general manager Joe Douglas faces a critical decision—one that could set the tone for this organization for years to come.

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