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Remembering a jubilant Jamal Adams in the New York Jets locker room (Video)

Jamal Adams, Marcus Maye
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Due to transpiring events over the last couple of weeks, it’s critical the New York Jets fan remember a more jubilant Jamal Adams.

Meet Dan. He’s a New York Jets fan. He’s a miserable Jets fan.

Not only has he been forced to deal with the craziness of the world over the last several months, but his favorite player, Jamal Adams, is unhappy. Twelve-year-old Dan hasn’t yet, but the nightmare that has him violently ripping down the Jamal Adams Fathead on his bedroom wall in Queens is one that continues to replay in his head.

The moment Adams’ official trade request is fulfilled by the organization, Dan’s hope is suddenly all lost. No longer was it “only business.” Adams’ actions over the last couple of weeks would have resulted in what he wanted all along: to escape New York.

But hey, things weren’t always like this. A mundane Tuesday on social media provided a glimpse into the sunny side of Adams—the one that made kids like Dan a diehard fan.

On the same day he liked a post describing the Jets likelihood of losing in 2020, posted two Jet-related tweets:

For Dan, and all of the other diehard Jets/Adams fans, remember this: your guy is just too honest for his own good. What makes him special on the football field is exactly what gets him into trouble away from the game. A professional athlete wearing raw emotions on his sleeve will tend to create a few firestorms in the public eye.

It’s why all fans need to be reminded of the jubilant Adams that dominated Florham Park, NJ on a daily basis up until a dust-up last trade deadline and this offseason.

For instance, when the 2018 Jets dominated the Denver Broncos, 34-16, to improve their record to 2-3, Adams was his bursting-at-the-seams self in the locker room.


The day prior, Adams’ LSU Tigers fell in defeat to Marcus Maye’s Florida Gators. The Jets locker room is dominated by college discussion—as is most NFL locker rooms. Each player’s locker heading area features his name and college in which he attended. It makes for college football discussion among the players and a lot of pride to go around.

Adams first answers the painful question with depressing glee only to turn it around on his safety partner, who couldn’t quite make it all the way to the goal line on that day:

The 104-yard interception return is the longest in Jets history, yet one cannot help to wish it as a 105-yard version. As for Adams, his and “Marcus Maye did not pitch the ball” remark capped off the legendary return that came up short. (And no, it wasn’t a quarterback who caught up with the Jets free safety, despite Adams’ words.)

LSU talk, a Jets victory and an opportunity to rib his running partner—does it get any better for Jamal Adams on this day? Sure it does. LSU wins, the Jets move to 5-0 and he’s sitting comfortably with a $20 million a year contract extension. That’s his mission, his goal as of this moment.

For the younger fans like Dan who can’t quite understand or want to welcome in the business side of football, he’ll just have to remember the regular, jubilant Jamal Adams for now.

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