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Jamal Adams has to respect Joe Douglas at least a little, despite his frustration, and why can’t the New York Jets win 11 games in 2020?

The world knows Jamal Adams‘ feelings. The man wants to get paid. He deserves to get paid (based on production). And everything he’s done this offseason suggests he’ll do whatever it takes to get paid.

Still, no matter the New York Jets’ best player’s frustration, he has to respect his general manager at least a little bit. The way Joe Douglas is not jumping in with two feet like so many other front offices around the NFL at the moment suggests competence.

As much as Adams hates it, the safety position is still the position that receives no respect. Only eight safeties will experience a cap hit of over $10 million this coming season. That number is, by far, the lowest of all defensive categories (interior defensive lineman, edge rusher, cornerback and even second-level linebacker).

Recently, Adams has remained quiet—despite the Patrick Mahomes and Myles Garrett extensions. Perhaps this could be a good sign for the future marriage that is the Jets and Adams. Perhaps not. With training camp now under two weeks from arriving, Adams could also be looking to reimmerse himself back into the culture.

Elsewhere, we evaluate Sam Darnold’s Madden 21 rating, which has many Jets fans up in arms. With a 73 overall rating, young Darnold has declined since the start of Madden 20.

We also discuss the chance the entire season is actually wiped out due to the current climate around us, and we ask the important question, “Why can’t the Jets win 11 games?”

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verge tibbs

Ahh..what do they say? Talking politics aint making you any new friends, only enemies. Hey, gotta hope darnold doesnt get that covid bro. As soon as he showed that 1st video where hes throwing passes in florida, i was immediately worried. Then a week or so later florida was the new hotspot. I hope sammy boys careful!!
And wow, i totally forgot joe montana football. That was a great one at the time. I remember going to my friends house and playing, he was a niners fan so i guess thats why i remember.