Jamal Adams, Joe Douglas
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The Jamal Adams situation might be the New York Jets’ price to pay in order to transition into a salary cap smart era.

Robby Sabo

Michael Jordan simply didn’t skate into the NBA with ease. First, he needed to take his licks. It took time (and many bruises) to get through the Detroit Pistons.

Sometimes, a price must be paid. Oftentimes, it’s nearly impossible to recognize in the moment.

A prevailing thought among New York Jets fans is that Joe Douglas does not have full freedom to operate as needed. The report and thought that the Jets are cash-strapped surfaced this past offseason, which has fans thinking Douglas’ less-than-rabid free-agent spending is the result.

Others believe the “same old Jets” moniker has headlined the Jamal Adams situation.

Again, it’s oftentimes impossible to recognize things in the moment—especially for a franchise that’s done it incorrectly so often.

It may not look like it now, but the Adams craziness and the tempered free-agent spending might be the price to pay for this organization to finally find true salary-cap success.

Look around the league. What do the best teams avoid? They usually don’t spend big bucks on the open market.

The Jets finished first in free-agent spending in 2019 with a cool $229.7 million. The defending Super Bowl champion Chiefs finished 16th with $82.5 million while the San Francisco 49ers ranked one spot higher with $84.7 million.

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verge tibbs
verge tibbs

Well said. Let the bully take your new jordans today, tomorrow the rest of the bullies and even some regular kids will be lined up to take everything else you have.