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Ben Blessington, Michael Nania and Robby Sabo dive into Adam Gase’s offense, which is as tough a New York Jets task there is.

The Cool Your Jets podcast is back again, and this time, it takes on the Adam Gase challenge.

What’s real? What isn’t? What should New York Jets fans look for out of his offense in year No. 2?

So much legitimate criticism exists in Gase’s world as play-caller and head coach, and yet, an abundance of overreach is also apparent. When the man’s name is simply uttered, the vocal minority of Jets fandom morph into a state of near-disgust (or utter disgust) on Twitter, for example.

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The question is, “How much of the Jets’ ills in 2019 were due to him and how much could be attributed to a terrible offensive line?”

Ben Blessington, Michael Nania and special guest co-host Robby Sabo breakdown Adam Gase’s offense in part 1 of the Cool Your Jets’ film deep dive. They analyze his strengths, weaknesses, tendencies and more.

  • 2:50 – Overall opinions on Adam Gase
  • 8:50 – Complete play by play breakdown of the crucial drive against Baltimore
  • 26:45 – Opening drive success
  • 31:23 – Is Gase an aggressive offensive mind?

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