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The New York Jets moment of the day remembers the Summer of 2010 when HBO caught up with Rex Ryan’s squad for Hard Knocks.

Rex Ryan and television—a producer’s dream come true.

During the Summer of 2010, HBO embarked on another Hard Knocks season in the NFL, but this time, they had the adventure of keeping up with the New York Jets second-year head coach.

Hard Knocks: Training Camp with the New York Jets featured a team that shocked the world the year prior. Finishing 9-7 while miraculously squeezing into the playoffs only to make it to the AFC championship game, Ryan’s squad was ready to take that next step.

The cast was stout.

There was Mark Sanchez, the lovable young man who happened to play quarterback. There was Mark Brunell, the veteran backup who did everything he could to keep his daughter away from the man he looked up to on the depth chart. There was veteran back LaDainian Tomlinson and, of course, Antonio Cromartie‘s moment and Darrelle Revis‘ “situation.”

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Nevertheless, the star of the show remained Ryan. From his epic rant that finished with, “Now let’s go eat a damn snack” to his snack-sneaking abilities and his thunderous exit from a Revis phone meeting, the man the fans called “Sexy Rexy” put forth one of the most memorable Hard Knocks performances of all-time.

Surprisingly, the 2010 Jets did not disappoint after their HBO debut. Finishing 11-5, it was the organization’s best record since Bill Parcells’ 12-4 mark in 1998.

Yet again, however, Rex Ryan’s New York Jets would ultimately fall short in the AFC championship game.

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