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New York Jets quarterback Sam Darnold escapes the pocket to find wide receiver Braxton Berrios for a highlight-reel touchdown.

While it didn’t start well for Sam Darnold, he’s already bounced-back in Indy.

After throwing a terrible pick-six to Xavier Rhodes on the first drive of the game, the New York Jets quarterback put forth a highlight-reel touchdown to Braxton Berrios.

When Darnold “just plays,” he’s oftentimes tremendous. When he’s overthinking things and trying to force something in his mind is when things go awry.

For example, that previously-mentioned pick-six featured Darnold trying to force one on the sideline while looking for a first down.

The receiver really needed to come back and fight for the ball, but Darnold also could have put it in a better spot (low and away).

The bottom line is that the Colts defense is flat-out disrespecting Darnold and the weapons. Indy’s defense loves its Tampa 2 principles, yet every play thus far has featured a single-high look with plenty of press on the outside.

Adam Gase’s offense needs to take a downfield shot into one-on-one coverage to simply send a message. It’s reached that level.

After the Berrios score, the Colts have quickly marched down the field and threaten Gregg Williams’s defense inside the 5-yard-line.

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