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Adam Gase’s uninspired effort against the Indianapolis Colts didn’t help Sam Darnold and the New York Jets at all.

What a disaster. For the third-straight week, the New York Jets were defeated by double-digits. For the second-straight week, they were defeated badly.

The Indianapolis Colts’ 36-7 victory over the Jets reminded all fans that the state of the organization is in rough shape. As the head of the football team, Adam Gase deserves all the blame in the world.

And he didn’t do his team any favors this past Sunday.

The very first play of the game featured a Sam Darnold play-action rollout that didn’t make much sense. With two receivers running vertically to the play-side, there was nothing backside or underneath for Darnold to find once the verticals were shut down.

Gase had the right idea. Getting Darnold out of the pocket on the first play is fine. Taking a shot on the first play is a fine idea as well. But the actual play design and execution didn’t make sense.

We break down that play and a few more on this episode. (And Darnold deserves plenty of blame as well, as many of his throws clearly missed the mark.)

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Mark Rypien‘s nephew, Brett Rypien, is set to start for the Denver Broncos this Thursday night at MetLife Stadium. The rumors of Gase’s exit from the organization continue to come in hot, and we analyze which injured players have a shot to play in Week 4.

All of that and more happens on Sabo Radio 63.

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