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New York Jets left tackle Mekhi Becton obliterated plenty of Buffalo Bills defenders in last Sunday’s game.

The rarity of witnessing an NFL player throw around other professional football players is an indisputable thing. So when it happens, everybody has a tough time keeping their eyes off of the player.

All eyes are on rookie Mekhi Becton, as Tupac might say.

The New York Jets stud rookie left tackle might just be the team’s best player. Becton’s presence makes the offensive line a formidable force, especially when rushing the ball.

We saw it early against the Buffalo Bills last Sunday as well as in other spots this season, such as Week 2 when the San Francisco 49ers came to town. When the rook is out of the lineup, the putrid offense becomes that much worse.

While Becton’s reinsertion into the lineup didn’t lead to a win this past Sunday, the kid’s highlights told a domination story that’s usually only unveiled at the high school level. The Louisville product obliterated Bills defenders on too many occasions.

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Whether it came by way of a toss crack that had him leading the way, a second-level climb to a linebacker, an outside-zone play-action, or a pass protection help scenario, Becton destroyed Bills so regularly a near-two-minute video could be put together.

Not even a movie like The Blind Side featuring high school Michael Oher can compare to what we’re seeing from Becton here. No professional offensive lineman should be throwing other grown men around with such relative ease.

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