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Former New York Jets cornerback Marcus Coleman sees a Julio Jones-type trajectory for young wide receiver Denzel Mims.

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Denzel Mims has played in just three professional football games. He’s caught only 10 passes and accumulated just 146 yards in the NFL. The kid is also just 23 years old.

Nobody knows what the future holds.

The Baylor product certainly looks the part, which is an exciting thought for New York Jets fans.

One individual who also thinks he looks the part is former Jet cornerback Marcus Coleman, one of the heroes who emerged from the greatest Monday Night Football game of all-time, the “Monday Night Miracle.”

Coleman recently hopped on Blewett’s Blitz to break down some film. Once the Mims topic surfaced, the former Jet teed up an interesting comparison.

“Trajectory wise, even just off of last week and how he looks, and I hope he does … he kind of looks like he’s going to be on the Julio Jones (-type) trajectory,” Coleman said. “He’s a young Julio to me.”

No wide receiver (especially a rookie) will rack up Randy Moss-type rookie stats while playing within the framework of the 2020 Jets offense. As simple as that might be, it’s an obvious point that constantly needs to be repeated.

What’s critical are the kid’s actions on the field. How is he running routes? Is his catch radius as good as advertised? Is he winning one-on-one matchups across the field and especially near the sideline? How’s his run blocking?

So far, so good, in all regards.

We’ve already seen Mims run block tremendously well for a rookie wideout. La’Mical Perine‘s lone touchdown of the season featured a hustling Mims doing his thing in the end zone.

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Mims has also won on the outside (see the Kansas City game) and showcased his incredible catch radius (see the slant route against New England).

Blewett’s comparison has remained A.J. Green. As a taller, lanky weapon who can high-point and attack the ball at every turn, Green is a comparison that Coleman liked in the past and still does. Nonetheless, Jones is the guy Coleman couldn’t stop thinking about when Mims was the topic.

In the end, nobody knows what the kid can possibly become. Three games aren’t nearly enough to prove anything, positively or negatively. But having a former NFL cornerback compare Denzel Mims to Julio Jones is certainly an interesting (and exciting) thought for the New York Jets organization and its fans.


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