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Sabo Radio 77 hits on early Robert Saleh impressions, the Deshaun Watson craziness and Tom Brady‘s matrix we’re all living in.

It’s Tom Brady‘s world and we’re just living in it. Or, perhaps the man has figured out a way to manipulate the matrix we’re all foolishly unaware of.

No matter where the man lives, that city wins championships. It’s beyond amazing.

As a kid, he lived near the bay area and watched the San Francisco 49ers dynasty take shape. Once he moved onto college, the Detroit Red Wings returned to glory as he played for Michigan.

Then, as a professional, not only does he lead the New England Patriots to six Super Bowl rings, but the Boston Red Sox, a team that hadn’t won since 1918, broke the curse and won three in total. Why not add a title for the Boston Celtics and Boston Bruins as well?

Brady threw three interceptions and did nothing in the second half against the Green Bay Packers Sunday, yet his Tampa Bay Buccaneers still escaped with the NFC championship. A shaky Matt LaFleur call and even more shaky defensive pass interference call near the end of the game gave Brady the victory.

As I already said, it’s Tom Brady’s world.

The New York Jets front features a returning Woody Johnson, Robert Saleh first impressions and all the Deshaun Watson rumors you can handle. Whether or not the Jets should go all-out for Watson is a very real conversation.

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Sabo Radio 77 touches on all of those topics and more.


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