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Jamal Adams adds new twist to his offseason Jets-trade saga (Video)

Jamal Adams, Joe Douglas
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Seattle Seahawks safety Jamal Adams recently added a new twist to his 2020 offseason New York Jets-trade saga.

Some folks just can’t quit other folks. Or, more appropriately, some folks can’t quit an idea or concept.

Jamal Adams simply cannot quit the New York Jets and the idea that the organization didn’t jump at the chance to extend him after his third NFL season.

On a recent Instagram Live appearance on the Schultz Report, the Seattle Seahawks’ strong safety added a new twist to the events that led to the trade that sent him to the Great Northwest last summer.

“It got personal, bro,” Adams said. “It got real personal. And when it got personal for me, as far as like, the disrespect, the way he was talking to me … The things that he said to my agent, I was on every call, I heard everything; I just didn’t say anything.”

The “he” in this equation is Jets general manager Joe Douglas.

Adams claims that he felt disrespected by some of the things that were said, specifically the idea that Douglas told him that nobody in the league would want him if he continued down the 2020 offseason path that had him on a tear.

It was the trigger that forced him to officially request a trade.

Interestingly, the timeline doesn’t really add up, especially when considering Adams’s own words.

It was during this point Adams was already on the rampage. He admits to already using social media as a means to force his way out of town.

“Because when I was on social media, and I was forcing my way out—because that was the only way—he (Douglas) said, ‘If Jamal keeps acting the way he’s acting, no one in the league is going to want him.’

“And when he said that, it lit a fire in me,” Adams added. “OK, I’m going to show you.”

It was at this point when Adams officially requested a trade. The social media and very public mess of a situation had already come to light while closed-door conversations were being had.

New York Jets, Jets X-Factor

Additionally, Adams complimented his own dedication to the fans and explained that he was “sick of being embarrassed.”

From a Jets’ perspective, not only did Douglas play it correctly from a salary-cap/positional value standpoint, but his advice for Adams was spot on. Judging the totality of those comments just one year later never works. At least several years and a couple of contracts will be needed to put a final stamp on the judgment.

From an Adams perspective, the more he discusses the Jets, the worse it looks for him. Any Jet-related question, at this point, needs to be met with positive energy in a business-like manner.

Playing the victim is rarely a winning strategy in the NFL—no matter the role (player, organization, etc.). The calculated, positive and professional approach usually wins in the end.

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Dark Demonik
3 years ago

Jamal makes it too easy for someone to write a story about him being a cancer