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The former King of Queens, Kevin James, pleads with Deshaun Watson (and the Jets) to crush it in New York.

Robby Sabo

Ah, yes … it’s time for the old, “Let’s see what the sports fan celebrity has to say on the matter.” For many New York Jets fans, another celebrity-fan thought just adds onto the already tall pile of nonsense they’ve had to endure over the years.

What do celebrities know that the diehard Jets fan doesn’t? (Somewhere in the distance, Larry David’s “I told you so” in the Lamar Jackson department is ringing loudly.)

Anyway, it’s Kevin James’s turn.

The former King of Queens is promoting his new show on Netflix, The Crew, which means he’s bound to be asked about one of his teams, the Jets.

What happened next, when he spoke with ESPN’s SportsNation this past week, wasn’t a shock by any means. James pleaded with disgruntled Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson to come to New York and “crush it” with the Jets.

Interestingly, the Mineola, NY native also threw in the New Yorker’s tried and tested angle on their favorite football team: Move the team away from The Meadowlands and back to the big city.

“I am a fan and people like me are what makes the team,” James said. “They really are. You’re going to feel it, it’s quantifiable but in a different way. The quality of the fan is going to come to this, we’re going to support you and let’s move it out of the Meadowlands, bring it to New York and just crush it with you at quarterback. Please!”

For now, James will have to blend in with the “business as usual” crowd. Joe Douglas and the front office continue to do their due-diligence on Sam Darnold, Zach Wilson, Justin Fields and everybody else who has a shot to play quarterback for the organization in 2021.

Douglas, a man who greatly values draft capital, won’t carelessly throw chips in for the right to acquire Watson. All Kevin James and the rest of the diehard Queens/Long Island Jets fans can do now is patiently await the offseason results.

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Oh yeah, and about that “moving back to New York” thing … the first possible year it can actually happen is 2025 when both teams (Jets and Giants) have an out in the MetLife Stadium contract.


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