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Joe Blewett, Michael Nania and Robby Sabo go live to discuss Zach Wilson vs. Justin Fields, the Sam Darnold fallout and the NFL draft.

A little over two weeks remain until the New York Jets officially announce the name of their next starting quarterback. The recent Sam Darnold trade coupled with Joe Douglas‘s recent words almost guarantee that one kid will become the next face of the franchise with the No. 2 overall pick in the 2021 NFL draft.

Who will it be?

Zach Wilson is the odds-on favorite. The BYU stud enjoyed a Joe Burrow-like ascension to the top. His incredible 2020 collegiate campaign took him from a relatively unknown prospect and propelled him to the No. 2 pick in nearly every mock draft.

Then again, Douglas is the type of general manager who believes in “never say never.” Despite falling in many mocks, Ohio State’s Justin Fields is a talented prospect who comes to the party with every physical trait a talent evaluator could wish for.

The one thing we’re certain of is that Darnold won’t be the guy. New York’s recent trade that sent the USC product to the Carolina Panthers for a sixth-round pick this year and a pair of selections in the 2022 draft (second and fourth) has put an end to an era that began with so much hope on draft night circa 2017.

Joe Blewett, Michael Nania and Robby Sabo hop on Jet X Live to discuss the team’s quarterback situation, specifically how Wilson and Fields stack up with one another. They’ll also cover the Darnold fallout, what Jets fans can expect from Robert Saleh and his coaching staff, a quick free-agency recap, and an NFL draft preview.

***Click the YouTube embed above to visit the live stream that’s scheduled to start on Wednesday, April 14, 2021, at 6 p.m. ET. Live call-in number is 818-573-5427.

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Great Podcast. I enjoy the competency of all 3 of you. Constructive criticism for future podcasts with all 3 of you, A little too much talking by Blewett, more balance would be better. He can make his points without being as long winded.