EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - SEPTEMBER 16: Gary Vaynerchuk attends the Miami Dolphins vs New York Jets game at MetLife Stadium on September 16, 2018 in East Rutherford, New Jersey.
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New York Jets superfan Gary Vaynerchuk appears to be playing the long game when it comes to a potential purchase.

Those who know Gary Vaynerchuk are fully aware of his love for the New York Jets. A potential collaboration, however, will likely have to wait.

Speaking on the SPACs Attack on Benzinga, Vaynerchuk was asked about his potential New York takeover by host Mitch Hoch. While Vaynerchuk still has his Jets-specific plans, he wants to take a “tortoise-like” approach to the situation.

“I’m hoping to strike on the Jets in about 22-23 years,” Vaynerchuk, the CEO of Vayner Media, said earlier in April. “I’m 45 (and) 67, 68 is a young man. It gives me plenty of time to win a (Vince) Lombardi (Trophy).”

Vaynerchuk was a guest on the program, co-hosted by Chris Katje, alongside Queens-based businessman Matt Higgins. The latter previously served as the executive vice president of business operations with the Jets and currently holds a front office spot with the Miami Dolphins.

Don’t expect Vaynerchuk to team up with Higgins on any joint ownership endeavors, though.

“The one thing Matt knows, because we know each other so well, is that there will be no conversation for me to do anything outside of the New York Jets,” he said. “I will not be teaming up with Matt nor anyone else to buy anything other than the Jets. (It) would be very full circle for Matt and I … (but) I’m very narrow in my sport team ambitions.”

The Jets have been under the ownership of the Johnson family since 2000, with Woody Johnson purchasing the team from Leon Hess for $635 million.

Though Vaynerchuk appears content to continue his gameday tweets, he told ESPN’s Jalen Rose in February that purchasing the Jets has been his dream since he was 11. The former NBA star wrote a strong profile of Vaynerchuk for the New York Post.

“He’d be an iconoclastic, controversial, rule-shaking and breaking presence,” Rose wrote. “Plus, he told me the best item of clothing an entrepreneur could own is a soft hoodie, which is very Cuban, so he wouldn’t be in the Jerry Jones suit mold.

“Vaynerchuk, who is the ultimate underdog, admits he’s had losses and gains in the business world, but he said true success requires patience. I agree that we need to run the marathon, not the spring, and plant seeds to create a harvest. We live in a microwave generation, but it takes patience to make the goals happen, so I’m glad it’s a virtue Vaynerchuk preaches to his many young disciples.”

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The issue for Vaynerchuk, of course, is the idea that the Johnsons appear content in their current position. Neither New York Jets Chairman Woody Johnson nor Vice Chairman Christopher Johnson has ever mentioned the possibility of a potential sale, which is probably why Vaynerchuk has his sights set on a couple of decades from now.

For now, Gary V. will have to wait in the wings until the appropriate day strikes—if that day ever arrives at all.

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