Zach Wilson, John Beck
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Zach Wilson’s personal coach, John Beck, strongly hinted that his pupil is about to follow in his AFC East footsteps through the Jets.

Geoff Magliocchetti

Many have penciled in Zach Wilson‘s name in the second slot in the 2021 NFL draft. According to John Beck, those prophets may be able to write Wilson’s name in pen at this point.

Beck appeared on BYUtv Sports with Spencer Linton and Jarom Jordan on Tuesday. The record-setting quarterback and Wilson’s personal coach highly implied that Wilson will be making his way from Provo to Florham Park.

He was responding to a quandary from Linton, who inquired about the similarities and differences between Wilson’s NFL draft journey and Beck’s own back in 2007.

“(The Jets) are going to pick him to be their future,” Beck said. “They want him as their quarterback. The second that he gets picked, he’s going to get flown up to their facility, they’re going to put him in front of the media and they’re basically going to present him as, ‘This is our future quarterback’.”

As Beck speaks, a graphic reading “Zach Wilson to the Jets” appears under him.

The 39-year-old is familiar with the idea of being posed as a franchise passing savior, having been chosen by the Miami Dolphins in the second round, the fourth quarterback chosen in the 2007 draft (behind JaMarcus Russell, Brady Quinn, and Kevin Kolb). Alas, things failed to pan out in the intended direction, as Beck lasted only two seasons in South Beach, working through Baltimore, Washington, Houston, and a CFL stint in British Columbia.

But Beck believes that his pupil’s case will be different, as he feels that the Jets are in a far better position to succeed than the Dolphins of the mid-aughts. He had kind words for new head coach Robert Saleh and general manager Joe Douglas, the latter of whom was a scout for the Baltimore Ravens when Beck served as a backup to Joe Flacco during the 2009 season.

“(I tell him) your situation’s different than what mine was,” Beck said. “I was walking into a place that was like a sinking ship already. … It’s going to be totally different for (Wilson). They’re bringing in this young group of people. They’re bringing in a coach. The general manager’s coming in from a philosophy of consistency. He comes from the Baltimore Ravens, I knew him when he was there. I know the offensive coordinator (Mike LaFleur) really, really well.

“I think that (Wilson’s) walking into a situation where it’s going to be a really, really strong support group that is going to do everything they possibly can. I don’t see this as being something where, six months down the road, that every single person is gone from the building.”

Zach Wilson, John Beck
Jet X Graphic, Getty Images

Beck joined the Dolphins at a tumultuous point on their franchise timeline. Miami was reeling from the 2006 campaign, a year that saw them pass on future Super Bowl MVP Drew Brees in free agency and lose head coach Nick Saban to Alabama.

Under new head coach Cam Cameron, the Dolphins fell to the depths of the football netherworld, winning only a single game during Beck’s rookie year. Cameron and general manager Randy Mueller were let go after the season.

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2 years ago

If the Jets do this it may work out, they’d be drafting the sizzle instead of drafting the steak, who is Justin Fields! Sizzle is nice but steak is better. Fields is the bigger, faster and stronger QB, who’s done successfully on the biggest college stage against SEC and Big10 defenses. If and when the Jets draft Zack Wilson I hope he’s half as good as Ken O’Brien and lasts as long with the Jets, but without the injuries,