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New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson recently spoke about how he plans to spend his first NFL offseason up until the start of training camp.

In a recent interview with BYU Sports Nation, New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson discussed some of his plans for the next few months prior to the start of training camp in late July.

Wilson says he will be staying in New Jersey until late June before heading back home to Utah for about a month.

“I’m going to be here [New Jersey] probably until the end of OTAs. Probably until June 24th . . . I’ll have pretty much the whole month of July off to be with family.”

A born-and-bred Utah kid, Wilson is focused on acclimating to his new home on the east coast in addition to building chemistry with his teammates on and off the field.

“I just want to get used to being here. Being around the guys, being able to throw with these guys, you know, hanging out outside of football. Just being in the film room as much as I can.”

True to his word, Wilson was recently seen holding a practice with some of his Jets teammates.

Wilson talked a little bit about his plans for holding practices with teammates throughout the offseason.

“We’ve talked about things, we’re mostly all going to be here. We haven’t decided on anything in July, definitely when that time comes around we’ll be able to figure out some offseason training stuff. But that’s why all of us have gotten in communication so soon, because a lot of them are starting to come back out to New Jersey and we’re able to do a lot of stuff here together.”

While Wilson is going to be organizing plenty of offseason work with his teammates, it doesn’t seem like we will be treated to version 2.0 of Mark Sanchez’s famous “Jets West.” When asked about bringing his teammates up to the altitude of Utah, Wilson laughed and answered, “I don’t know if they want to go to Utah, but we’ll have to see. Maybe they’ll bring me to Florida or something like that, where it’s nice and warm.”

Jets fans can rest easy knowing that their new franchise quarterback is already embracing his leadership role.

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