George Fant and Mekhi Becton
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New York Jets offensive lineman Mekhi Becton is thinking about home runs at George Fant’s Dream Big Camp that takes them to the diamond.

Robby Sabo

Chicks dig the long ball. Atlanta Braves starting pitchers Greg Maddux and Tom Glavine figured that out over two decades ago. Unfortunately, Rob Manfred took the idea to heart, thus juicing the ball; but that’s another story for a different day.

Anyway, once Maddux and Glavine keyed on that baseball certainty, word got out. Here we are, all these years later, and a certain New York Jets offensive lineman has also seemingly picked up on the idea.

Soon-to-be second-year-pro Mekhi Becton recently joined George Fant at the latter’s Dream Big Camp. It became evident that Mount Mekhi morphed into Baseball Becton, per his official Instagram account.

Becton talking about where his eventual moonshot would land highlighted the available clips. The man who set up the event, Fant, wishes he had one back. (Accomplishing the old “toss the ball up to hit it to a fielder” thing is sometimes harder than it looks.)

This is the second annual Dream Big Camp, and Friday marked the first day of festivities. Held in Bowling Green, KY, Fant’s hometown, the Dream Big Camp is a way for Fant and his wife Chastity to give back to the community.

“This is my home I love this place I love Bowling Green, and this is something that I have been planning for a while and something that we will continue for years to come,” said Fant, per ABC 13 WBKO.

Some of the other Jets ready to partake in the festivities are Quinnen Williams, Jamison Crowder, Michael Carter, Jamison Crowder, Brandin Echols, James Morgan and La’Mical Perine, a man who may or may not still be recovering from a hockey night out with the boys.

Other names ready to play some softball are former Jet Neville Hewitt and Germain Ifedi, whom Fant played with in Seattle.


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For more information on the Dream Big Camp, visit George Fant’s Twitter account.

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