Chad Pennington and Braylon Edwards are just two NY Jets player who put forth disrespectful plays.
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Broadway Jets recaps the talk of NY Jets social media in mid-July, including an important question: what was the most disrespectful play in team history?

This article is mostly satirical and/or lighthearted in nature. I mean, come on ... it’s NYJ Matt and NYJ Mike, the Broadwway Jets podcast . The sky wouldn't be blue and the grass green if satire wasn't the name of this specific game.

Hello, football-starved New York Jets fans. Your beloved sport is right around the corner (training camp starts on July 27 and the preseason kicks off on Aug. 14).

Until then, the Broadway Jets duo—Matt and myself (@NyjMike)—have been tasked with keeping you entertained.

Instead of thinking about things that could pertain to my day job and advance my career, I decided to put some thought into the most “disrespectful” plays in Jets history (that have gone in the Jets’ favor).

Let’s define “disrespect” in this case as “embarrassing the other team with a terrific play.” Or, in some cases, it can be described as a “terrific play followed by an even more humiliating celebration.”

Before we get into this, note that I am 24 years old and will select plays from the time period that I have been blessed through the years. I consider myself something of a football historian but would love to receive some comments via Twitter on the more disrespectful plays that I might be missing on this list from Jet teams of long ago.

The first play that came to mind was Braylon Edwards “Mossing” New England Patriots cornerback Darius Butler in 2010. He then promptly hit him the “Dougie” with unlimited levels of disrespect directly in Butler’s face:

Chad Pennington leaving Buffalo Bills defender Eddie Robinson’s ankles in the turf has to be in the conversation.

LaDainian Tomlinson obliterates the Pro Bowler Donte Whitner in the first clip of this video from NFL Throwback:

Unfortunately, I left out perhaps the most disrespectful play in NFL History from my initial list – Jamal Adams literally stealing the soul out of Daniel Jones’ body and dancing into the end zone with it.

Statistically speaking, the only quarterback this play wouldn’t work against is Andy Dalton as he has no soul.

Matt and I discuss these awesome moments and more in our latest Broadway Jets Podcast Episode:

Broadway Jets episode 46

Social media recap

Some other fun honorable mentions include:

  • The mean Chris Ivory run against the Dolphins (Jets X-Factor’s own Andrew Golden with the submission).
  • Shonn Greene sleeping in the end zone in New England in the 2010 Divisional Round (worth the 15-yard penalty).
  • Shonn Greene (multi-time savage) using LT’s signature flip the ball celebration after rushing for a 53-yard TD in the 2009 Divisional round against the Chargers.
  • Braylon Edwards dragging Patriots defenders on his back for what seemed like 25 yards in the 2010 Divisional round.
  • Isaiah Crowell wiping his butt with the football after scoring a TD vs Cleveland in 2018 (not as fun when you blow a 14-0 lead and get fined).
  • Darrelle Revis shutting down Chad Ochocinco twice in 2009 and almost initiating a name change back to Chad Johnson.
  • Chris Ivory giving Oakland defenders the peace sign on a long TD run in 2014 (and almost getting caught).

Disrespectful plays (honorable mentions)

An all-in-good-fun Jamal rib

When we aren’t podcasting or thinking about things that won’t benefit our actual lives, Matt and I are stirring up drama and talking Jets on Twitter all day long.

Matt can’t help but take a jab at Jamal Adams after a list of the best “ballhawks” was making the rounds.

Mark Sanchez moving on up

Mark Sanchez became a game analyst for FOX Sports. We stan for and support our king.

Becton the disc jockey

Mekhi Becton became a licensed disc jockey (in our hearts).

Becton is also officially elite.

A Big Q snub

I am aware that we trashed ESPN when Marcus Maye or Quinnen Williams weren’t declared top 10 at their respective positions by ESPN, but that doesn’t fit my narrative or meme, so here we are.

Fun with Jags fans

Matt got into a Twitter spat with Jaguars Twitter, which we weren’t sure existed.

Sanchize, the worst draft pick?

Pro Football Focus thought it would be a good idea to rank Mark Sanchez as the worst Jets draft pick of the past 15 years.

Fans wanted the Maye extension

Fans call in unison for a Marcus Maye extension.


In all seriousness, one of the really cool aspects of being locked into Jets Twitter is the ability to get a pulse for what Jets fans are feeling in general about different topics related to the team. In the case of Maye, almost every single Jet fan that I’ve come in contact with would prefer that Maye be extended by the team before his deadline.

I went through some of the cooler recurring celebrations in Jets history and Santonio Holmes chimed in.

Our own Robby Sabo didn’t love Santonio Holmes’ antics, as he already grasps the concept of gravity.

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