Robert Saleh criticized the NY media for creating narratives around young Jets players Zach Wilson and Denzel Mims.
Robert Saleh, NY Jets, Getty Images

Robert Saleh loves where Zach Wilson is currently at—not concerned with results

Robert Saleh has mostly played it coy throughout training camp when asked about the struggles of young offensive prospects Zach Wilson and Denzel Mims.

He took a slightly different stance on Tuesday by attacking the narratives head-on that led with honest answers regarding the perceived progress of his players and the surrounding chatter.

After practice, Saleh was asked whether he thinks Wilson is on the precipice of getting from “worse to better,” which is a reference to his Monday quote in which he said “it’s going to get worse before it gets better” in regards to Wilson’s development.

His answer suggested that the team is thrilled with where Wilson is at, per Robby Sabo who attended Tuesday’s practice in Florham Park, NJ.

“The reality is, the result, especially in training camp, is a much bigger deal for you guys than it is us. It really is,” Saleh told reporters. “His process is exactly where we want it to be. His study habits are exactly where we want it to be. His demeanor out on the practice field is exactly where we want it to be. The result is a pacifier to make people happy.”

In addition to praising Wilson’s progress, Saleh gave a subtle jab at the media’s tendency to overanalyze the raw results of training camp practices.

Denzel Mims not starting, but far from ‘on the bubble’

Denzel Mims received some time with the first-team offense on Tuesday—as per usual. Also, as per usual, a constant rotation of weapons transpired, one that’s been ongoing since springtime OTAs.

Mims, while clearly not a starter at this point, saw time with Wilson and Mike White. Yet, that’s not uncommon at the receiver position in Florham Park. Veteran Jamison Crowder also saw some reps with quarterbacks not named Zach Wilson on Tuesday.

The Mims topic has been a busy one the last couple of weeks, but where the truth actually lies is the critical question of the moment.

After Tuesday’s practice, Saleh was prepared for the questions about Mims’ status. He promptly shot down the idea that Mims’ workload of reps has been substantially different than any other wide receivers besides the starting trio of Corey Davis, Keelan Cole, and Jamison Crowder.

“I was looking out there and I saw him running with the ones and I’m like, ‘You know the media is gonna ask whether or not he’s running with the 1s,'” Saleh told the media after practice. “He’s been running with the 1s. These guys run rotation. … The only ones who roll with the 1s unconditionally are Corey Davis, and I wanna say Keelan [Cole] and Jamison [Crowder].”

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