Zach Wilson, Carl Lawson, NY Jets
Zach Wilson, Carl Lawson, NY Jets, Jet X Graphic, Getty Images

Getting over Carl Lawson is a tough thing to do

This was not an easy week to be a New York Jets fan.

Prized free-agent signing Carl Lawson tearing his achilles in a joint practice with Green Bay put a bit of a damper on the excitement surrounding the fresh new Jets team. It was the first real setback for a team and fanbase that experienced nothing but positives awakening throughout the offseason—courtesy of a beloved new coaching staff, young players, and assistance from the media with Flight 2021 and One Jets Drive.

Losing arguably the best player on the defense stung a bit extra and debatably ranks among the worst early-season injuries in franchise history.

This article is mostly satirical and/or lighthearted in nature. I mean, come on ... it’s NYJ Matt and NYJ Mike, the Broadway Jets podcast . The sky wouldn't be blue and the grass green if satire wasn't the name of this specific game.

With this being said, NYJ Matt, a.k.a. The Master of Receipts, and NYJ Mike, are men of the people and recently discussed some fan remedies in order to deal with this brutal injury.

Before we get into the list, it is important to distinguish that declaring the Jets season over is extremely premature and rash. Lawson was having a terrific camp and looked like he would slide in to be the best pure rusher on the team since John Abraham, but his injury does not completely prevent the team from having success.

Here are some ways you can forget about the negatives and feel good about the team:

  • Drink (responsibly) a lot (but still responsibly)
  • Complain to your significant others that don’t care about football. Ensure them that this is the worst thing ever and gain some sympathy/eye rolls.
  • Watch highlights of Zach Wilson throwing gorgeous passes in Green Bay. When you’ve finished, watch highlights of Zach Wilson throwing gorgeous passes against the Giants.
  • Ask a person out on a date that you normally wouldn’t. If they say yes, you’ll feel better. If not, you were already sad anyway … what’s the harm?
  • Check out an old Jets win that you haven’t seen much of. As a Dr. of Jets Related Trauma. I’d personally prescribe the 2002 Jets-Colts wild card round victory.
  • Consume any and all of Michael Nania’s Bryce Huff review. It’ll make you feel a little bit more comfortable with the Jets’ current EDGE situation.
  • Finally, remember that the Jets haven’t played much meaningful football over the past few seasons. Have faith that this team is going to be competitive and make football fun. If things bounce the right way, the Jets are more than capable of sneaking into the playoffs.

Broadway Jets podcast episode

NY Jets social media recap

Both actual preseason games have been terrific for the Jets. Zach Wilson has looked incredibly comfortable and has shown the zip that made him the No. 2 overall pick in the draft.

What Wilson did on Saturday (9 of 11 for 128 yards and two touchdowns) was literally medicine for a Jets fanbase that desperately needed it.

Here’s the Jets fans’ savior hitting fantasy football’s soon-to-be No. 1 receiver in 2021 for a chunk play:

This look from Wilson is an instant all-timer (featuring Drew from New Jersey):

Somebody should alert the authorities because Mekhi Becton killed a man in cold blood:

Tyler Kroft is Travis Kelce?

Aaron Rodgers had some strong words to say about the Jets’ young franchise face:

Jets Twitter and Hasbulla took the Lawson news hard:

The most frustrating thing about the Lawson injury (something that comes with all injuries) is the external factor that the team cannot control. The Jets build a cool, young team that the fans are clamoring for, and before anything transpires, there is a nasty setback.

In any event, Jets Fans will have the last laugh when Carl Lawson and Chandler Jones combined for 40 sacks in 2022, a la Mark Gastineau and Joe Klecko.

Oh Yeah, Tua Tagovailoa has no arm:

Stephen A Smith hilariously mispronounces La’Mical Perine, and, of course, NYJ Matt was ready for it:

Denzel Mims redeemed himself in the Jets’ first preseason game:

The New York Jets and Philadelphia Eagles get together for one more practice in Florham Park, NJ, Wednesday morning, prior to closing out the 2021 preseason this Friday night at MetLife Stadium.

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Mike Levy is one-half of the top comedic New York Jets podcast in the world: Broadway Jets. He is NYJ Mike on Twitter, and along with NYJ Matt, the two personalities frequently tear Twitter down with comedy gold. Email: mikelevy2412[at]
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