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Broadway Jets recaps minicamp and the week on Twitter, including a Carl anniversary and Dan Feeney’s big night out.

Mandatory minicamp highlighted this past week in New York Jets land, which means two extremely important things:

  1. There is a Mekhi Becton-sized amount of content to sift through.
  2. Jamal Adams is threatening a holdout.

Your favorite memeologist (please credit Michael Nania for this term), NYJ Matt and myself, Mike Levy, otherwise known as NYJ Mike, dive into all things Jets in the latest episode of the Broadway Jets Podcast.

From Elijah Moore’s continuing impressive play to Zach Wilson’s savvy appearance at the quarterback position in just his second month as a pro, episode No. 44 sifts through it all.

We also discuss:

  • Denzel Mims playing with the second-team offense.
  • Tua Tagovailoa throwing an interception for every game the Jets won in 2016. (The number is five, by the way; Tua threw five picks in practice that mirrors that of Richard Todd in the 1982 AFC championship game.)
  • Are the Jets really going to enter this season with Luke Falk Jr. as the backup quarterback?
  • How Joe Douglas can upgrade the roster before the season.

This past week in Jets Twitter was also an interesting one, capped off by Dan Feeney’s big night out on Long Island.

A Step Brothers moment

Quinnen Williams and Mekhi Becton have suddenly become Step Brothers 2.0.

Saleh on Feeney

Matt and head coach Robert Saleh had a productive conversation via a season ticket holder conference call.

Of course Saleh has experience in that area. After all, he’s one of the toughest SOBs of all time, Stone Cold style.

Mangold is behind it

Nick Mangold likes the idea of a Jets Hard Knocks-type documentary. What could possibly go wrong with that Rex Ryan bunch?

Carl’s anniversary

Monday was the anniversary of Carl dying on Curb Your Enthusiasm. Forever immortalized, Carl surely wasn’t the first and won’t be the last.

Check out our shop Broadway Jets for a Jets Killed Carl T-Shirt or Hoody. If you haven’t seen this episode, do yourself a favor and get on the Larry David bandwagon immediately.

Cam Newton’s struggles

New England Patriots quarterback Cam Newton did not have a great time at a particular practice this past week.

Dan Feeney’s big night out

Finally, Long Island native Greg Van Roten got the boys together for another New York Islanders playoff game. Sure, the Isles lost Game 3 to the Tampa Bay Lightning, but that didn’t stop Feeney and company from doing their usual thing.

And by the way, did anybody take note of the innocent father-son-looking duo who found themselves surrounded by maniac Jets?

Due to the fact this is the first Broadway Jets post with Jets X Factor, I will leave you with a bonus hypothetical:

Mekhi Becton opts out for 2021, but so does Russell Wilson. Do you accept this made-up scenario? One wonders what the former Jamal Adams fans-turned not-so-friendly Adams folks would choose.

Let Matt (@NYJ_Matt) and myself (@NyjMike) know your thoughts on Twitter.

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Mike Levy is one-half of the top comedic New York Jets podcast in the world: Broadway Jets. He is NYJ Mike on Twitter, and along with NYJ Matt, the two personalities frequently tear Twitter down with comedy gold. Email: mikelevy2412[at]gmail.com
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verge tibbs
verge tibbs
2 years ago

Nice to see you guys on here. I think i bought a shirt off you, the broadway joe in his fur coat and shades. Good shit. Thats a really brain bleeding decision whether to accept russel and becton missing the year. Many stipulations would be needed. Id focus on the becton side. I’d need to know he’d have to train, study, and stay in shape for the whole year. Also the jets would have to sign a legit tackle, maybe moses then slide fant to lt for the year. With all of that, i still dont know if id do it. I wouldnt want to mess with becton’s chance at developing into a hall of famer. And downgrading zachs protection in his rookie year, nah. Its tempting for that top 5 seattle pick but not worth chancing it to me.

Michael Nania
2 years ago
Reply to  verge tibbs

It’s a really interesting proposition, I feel like Seattle is bad enough outside of Russ to where I would chance it and have Mekhi sit out (so long as we know he’s working hard as you said) but it’s a close call.