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Whistle delves into Mekhi Becton’s workout routine

It’s no secret that New York Jets offensive lineman Mekhi Becton is a big dude. But how does he keep such a massive physique (6-foot-8, 365 pounds.)?

Becton shared a little insight into the work that goes behind the answers to that question this week. He united with entertainment brand Whistle to showcase some of his offseason workout footage in Dallas.

The video, shared on Whistle’s YouTube channel, is part of the brand’s “No Days Off” series that documents the workout activities of athletes stationed away from their teams’ facilities.

The Jets’ 2020 first-round pick is shown working with Duke Manyweather, a trainer described as an “offensive line mastermind.” Manyweather has worked with several touted blocking prospects, including Becton’s blue New York compatriot Andrew Thomas. However, there’s something about Becton that makes him “different.”

“The first time I met with Mekhi, it was impressive, because you got a guy that’s almost six nine, he’s 365 pounds,” Manyweather recalled. “Mekhi is a big, massive, lean specimen. Mekhi almost looks like a power forward. I’ve worked with a ton of offensive linemen and this guy was different. We got a monster on our hands.”

As Becton is seen working through a variety of activities under Manyweather’s watch, the latter lists some of the factors that go into crafting a strong offseason workout program for the New York blocker.

“With Mekhi, the biggest things that we want to make sure that we focused on was just stability from the ground up, ankles, hips, core, all the protective mechanisms that are going to help him stay on the field, to keep the longevity. It’s still a work in progress,” Manyweather says. “Just get him to completely understand being stable and being in positions that are not going to be vulnerable or compromised.

“Football happens, O-line happens. There’s going to be vulnerable and compromising positions, but if we can mitigate that by in his training, in his development that’s always been the focus with him.”

Becton enjoys Manyweather’s workouts due to their relative sense of unpredictability. He says that Manyweather has an outline for workouts but leaves no hints from his previous clients when Becton arrives to get his own work in. Becton’s time working out in Dallas also relayed the importance of post-work physical therapy.

Set to enter his second season in green, Becton always relayed some of his hopes and goals for the 2021 Jets. He has high hopes for both head coach Robert Saleh and quarterback Zach Wilson. Additionally, he’s more than happy to go through any workout brutality Manyweather has in store for him if it means playing a major role in the Jets’ recovery from a garish two-win season.

“It’s just pain that you can take, I can feel the improvement,” Becton said. “My rookie season was bad. We went 0-12 (referring to the Jets’ 12-game losing streak to open the season) and that was hard to go through. “I already went through a 2-10 season in Louisville, but going through 0-12, that was tough. I’m really excited to play with Coach Saleh because he brings a lot of energy to the building, to the facility and that’s what the team needs and I can’t wait.”

The Jets conclude their preseason slate on Friday night against the Philadelphia Eagles (7:30 p.m. ET, WCBS).

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