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Nick Mangold makes Sunday screen return

Nick Mangold is used to dealing with unstoppable forces on Sundays. It appears, perhaps, that conquering the monopoly of Applebee’s “Date Night” commercial is next on his list.

The former New York Jets center has been called upon to serve as the star attraction in Bud Light Seltzer’s new advertising campaign, which premiered during Saturday’s college football action.

In the ad, which is expected to maintain a prevalent prescience during Sunday commercial breaks, Mangold re-dons his green No. 74 jersey (albeit in the team’s modern style introduced years after his retirement). Bud Light has been the official beer sponsor of the NFL since 2011.

Mangold is called upon by the powers-that-be at Bud Light to help fans differentiate between its traditional beer and the modern seltzer beverages. To accomplish that, Mangold “blocks out” the Bud Light branding on seltzer cans in various social situations to drive the difference home. Alas for Mangold, his efforts are not appreciated by drinkers, though he manages to keep his jovial nature.

Bud Light’s new campaign is far from Mangold’s first foray into advertising. He previously peddled Pepsi products in the lead-up to Super Bowl XLIX and also appeared on the local circuit for a Buick/GMC dealership in Freehold, NJ.

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