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The New York Jets jersey purchasing guide, 2.0: Nostalgia is bliss

Joe Namath, Spike Lee, Zach Wilson, Mike White
Joe Namath, Spike Lee, Zach Wilson, Mike White, Jet X Graphic, Getty Images

Jets X-Factor’s tiers when deciding on your next New York Jets jersey

NFL jerseys are not a cheap purchase.

Thanks to the usually high prices, buying a player’s jersey often serves as a commitment to that player. It’s akin to essentially buying stock in them.

And as it relates to the New York Jets, buying a jersey equals betting on a long and successful career in New York.

To find bad investment examples in recent years, one needs to look no further than Le’Veon Bell and Sam Darnold.

Months ago, we at Jets X-Factor released the first-ever consummate guide to safely purchasing Jets jerseys. Now, with the NFL season more than halfway done and the holiday season quickly approaching, plenty has changed in terms of the safest and riskiest jerseys to buy.

It’s time to present Jets X-Factor’s jersey purchasing guide, 2.0.

Tier 1: Can’t go wrong

This tier is devoted to Jets legends. The nice part about these guys is that their legacy in Jets history is already cemented. This means purchasing any of these jerseys already means they can be owned and cherished forever, without fear of a team change.

The only downside is the fact that they aren’t playing currently, and some people prefer jerseys of active players, which is understandable.

This tier is extensive, so only a few names will be listed.

Joe Namath

Legendary super-bowl-winning quarterback. Not the flashiest jersey to own, but Broadway Joe’s No. 12 will always be a staple of Jets jerseys.

Darelle Revis

One of the best corners in NFL history. This jersey is just cool to own for any football fan as “Revis Island” was near impenetrable.

Curtis Martin

Best running back in Jets history. In his early thirties, an age when most running backs nowadays are out of their prime, Curtis Martin won the NFL rushing title … with a torn MCL suffered in Week 2.

Don Maynard

The best receiver in Jets history. Don Maynard was Joe Namath’s favorite target and was crucial to the legendary quarterback’s development. It also doesn’t hurt that he was a key member of the Super Bowl III-winning Jets team.

Wayne Chrebet

Wayne Chrebet can’t be left off this list. He played 11 seasons with the Jets and is still an absolute fan favorite. You can’t go wrong with purchasing his jersey.

It also doesn’t hurt that the franchise legend is keeping his name on the map by dipping his toes into the podcast game, hosting The Underdog Jets Podcast with Jets X-Factor’s own Robby Sabo.

Tier 2: Safe

Now we can move into the active players. This tier is reserved only for current Jets players who look to be long-term franchise cornerstones.

This tier is not devoid of any risk (Sam Darnold likely would’ve been listed here as a rookie), but these players look to have the highest likelihood of being with the Jets for the long term.

Mekhi Becton

Franchise left tackle. Looks to be a long-term cornerstone with the upside to be one of the best offensive linemen in the NFL. He just needs to stay healthy.

Elijah Moore

Explosive receiver of the future. Elijah Moore has really caught on as of late and a real argument could be made to move him up a tier. The only thing keeping Moore here is the need to see him have a big performance with Wilson under center, which has yet to happen.

Alijah Vera-Tucker

Franchise left guard. AVT has played at nearly a Pro-Bowl level as a rookie. Joe Douglas traded up to get him, so this is quite possibly the safest jersey among active players … a guard just isn’t the flashiest jersey to own.

Michael Carter

Michael Carter has shown more than enough to cement himself as a prominent runner out of the Jets backfield for years to come, as well as a viable fantasy option in all formats — something the Jets don’t often have.

Quinnen Williams

Big Q was a tier below this in the last edition, but he has since proven that his 2020 season was no fluke. When he’s on the field, Williams is making a sizable impact and should be a staple of the New York trenches for the long run.

Tier 3: Good, but some risk

These players come with a bit more risk, but they are quite desirable jerseys to own for Jets fans. These players are expected to be Jets for the long-term and have so far had respectable 2021 seasons, but they do still have more to prove before being considered in the safest tier.

Zach Wilson

The Jets’ hopeful franchise quarterback. The raw talent and potential are undeniable and barring something crazy, Zach Wilson will be with the Jets for at least the next few years.

Joe Douglas’s career will forever be tied to Wilson’s success, so expect him to give Wilson every opportunity to succeed in New York. Wilson has been knocked down a tier only because his fellow rookies have played well enough to jump him.

C.J. Mosley

CJ. Mosley has been everywhere for the Jets on defense this season. He’s really their only sure-thing at linebacker right now and his talent is not in question.

The reason he’s in this tier is his age. Everyone in the next tier up is young and was drafted by Douglas, giving them a bit more of a concrete future on the Jets. That being said, Mosley is most likely worth a jersey purchase.

Bryce Hall

Going into this season, everyone and their grandmother thought the Jets’ biggest need was at corner. While the position group still has a ways to go, nobody would argue that it hasn’t heavily exceeded expectations.

This is due, in large part, to Bryce Hall, who has truly emerged as a high-end CB2 to low-end CB1 in only his second year in the league. Hall was in the lowest tier in the last jersey purchasing guide, so his already-monumental ascension could only just be beginning.

Carl Lawson

Potentially dominant edge rusher. Carl Lawson provides the first real hope the Jets have had off the edge since John Abraham, as his pressure and disruption numbers are elite.

He just needs to turn them into sacks when he returns from his achilles injury next season. If he does that, his jersey easily moves up a tier.

Tier 4: Tempting but worth waiting

These players are all exciting, but it would be smart to wait on buying any of their jerseys—not because they won’t be good but rather due to the cost of a jersey.

One should have a certain degree of confidence in two factors before spending upwards of a hundred dollars on a player’s jersey: firstly, that the player is good, and secondly, that the player has a future with the team.

In a perfect world, all of these players will have established themselves in a higher tier than this by next season, but of course, this can’t be guaranteed.

Corey Davis

The Jets’ presumptive WR1 heading into the 2021 season, this former fifth-overall pick still has plenty of question marks surrounding him. Corey Davis came out of the gates strong, scoring two touchdowns in week one, but has since been inconsistent with drops and minor injuries.

The potential is still there, but Moore does look to be overtaking him as the offense’s number one target. Regardless, Davis is under contract for a few more years and has already shown the ability to thrive as a number two target.

Quincy Williams

The older brother of Quinnen Williams has been a very pleasant surprise for the Jets this season. He makes his fair share of mistakes, but Quincy Williams is establishing himself a long-term spot on the roster and clearly plays with a ton of heart.

A year from now, Quincy could very well find himself in a higher tier than this.

Ty Johnson

When Ty Johnson is on the field, he seems to consistently make plays. He just isn’t a true RB1, and your money would therefore best be spent elsewhere.

The Jets are also just one or two running backs away from potentially not really needing Johnson anymore.

Tier 5: Do not buy

This tier is self-explanatory. Purchasing the jersey of any player in this tier poses a significant amount of risk, and your money is probably best spent elsewhere.

Jamison Crowder

While Jamison Crowder was one of the only sources of consistency over the past two seasons under Gase, it just seems like his days in New York are numbered. He still has a role, but a Crowder Jets jersey probably won’t be worth very much in a year’s time.

Marcus Maye

Marcus Maye’s future with the Jets is murky. It really feels fifty-fifty whether he’ll be on the team next season.

Combining that with his achilles injury, and a Maye jersey purchase now doesn’t seem very frugal.

Mike White

Now, to be fair, this would be a pretty awesome jersey to have in the Jets community, given the legend of Mike F’ing White. But all that aside, do you really want to spend that kind of money on a backup quarterback jersey?

Well … maybe.

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