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Zach Wilson in a gray Jets uniform looks quite interesting

Zach Wilson, Gray, Jets Uniform, Jersey, NY
Zach Wilson, New York Jets, Getty Images

Reddit puts an edit of a gray New York Jets uniform into the world

We’re in the third year of the new New York Jets uniform set that was unveiled prior to the 2019 season, but the team’s garb has seemed to be a bigger topic this season than usual.

Team owner Woody Johnson can be thanked for that, as Johnson has become infamous for seemingly allowing fans on Twitter to influence the team’s uniform decisions.

For instance, ahead of the Jets’ Week 7 trip to New England, Johnson backed out of his announcement that the Jets would wear a white-on-green look after fans pestered him in the reply section with vitriol for the much-despised green pants. He ensuingly announced that the Jets would instead wear white-on-white, as requested by the majority of fans.

The white-on-green look has not been seen since the Jets started the year with an 0-2 record in the set.

When the Jets headed to Indianapolis for a prime-time showdown in Week 9, Johnson announced the Jets would debut an all-new look featuring white jerseys and black pants, which was a popular suggestion from fans throughout the week.

So, uniform chatter has been all the rage amidst another lost Jets season in which fans have been yet again forced to scramble for things to talk about.

Reddit user u/jetssean added to the uniform hullabaloo with mock-ups of Zach Wilson in a gray uniform – mimicking the alternate jersey sold by the Jets.

Zach Wilson jersey gray Jets uniform
via Reddit, u/jetssean

To better match the jerseys, the edit also changes the Jets’ black facemasks to silver.

I like what’s going on here. The gray/silver color scheme does give off “jet” vibes. It reminds me of the sleekness of an actual plane.

The gray here is a little dark, though. Perhaps a lighter gray would get the job done?

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New York has not adorned the color gray in any capacity since donning throwback uniforms in a 2018 game against the Colts that swapped out the team’s typical green facemasks for gray facemasks, paying homage to the Super Bowl III-winning squad that wore gray facemasks.

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2 years ago

The black should be gone. The ENTIRE leagues uses black, the concept of “team colors” no longer exists because there is soooo much black. This grey looks soooo much better. I have always and will always prefer the white on white, but they don’t wear enough of the green on white, which I would think should be the “signature” look. The grey or white facemask is much better than the black. Overall, I like the uniforms they could make a couple of tweaks, more traditional numbers and change the piping on the shoulder and pants to something a little less “USFL” haha. I don’t think they need drastic changes. They should get rid of the black, and just use the throw backs in place of the games they would be wearing black. Of course this is just an opinion.

2 years ago

A little off-topic, but interpretating what Zach has been saying during his pressers this week, seems to suggest that part of his problems is stemming from him being unnaturally mechanical in his play. This is always a risk when trying to force a style of play that is too far off from your natural tendencies. His comments about trying to be more of a “pocket passer” is interesting. There is a balance that needs to be developed here, but I lean more to let the kid play more to his natural style and fit your offense more to that style.

2 years ago

I agree. We need to stand out more to help differentiate and the gray would be a good look not used by many other teams (I think — haven’t been watching many games this year…

Richard Hausig
2 years ago

That looks better than any of the other new unis. We had a great classic uniform and of course the Johnsons had to get involved. I hate the current look.