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Some fans didn’t appreciate Brandin Echols asking Tom Brady for a signed ball

The New York Jets lost in heartbreaking fashion this Sunday to long-time foe Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

After an exciting afternoon of Jets football — a rarity over past years — many fans around the league were upset over Jets rookie cornerback Brandin Echols getting Tom Brady to sign a ball for him.

Both of the former sixth-round picks found each other in the crowd after the game and Echols had Brady sign a ball he had with him. The ball was the same one that Echols picked off from Brady in the second quarter of the game.

Fans of the Jets and of the league were surprisingly upset with this move, citing the defensive performance and outcome of the game.

Not many players — especially rookies — can claim to have picked off the player who is considered the greatest quarterback of all time. Echols was visibly excited by the moment.

The fact that the Jets lost should have no bearing on Echols’ decision to ask for a mere ball signature. That ball represents a highlight of his young career, his second NFL interception and one thrown by the “GOAT”. He will likely remember that play for the rest of his life.

Is the overall defensive performance solely Echols’ fault? Of course not, but the Jets seldom receive a positive narrative. The rookie simply made a great play to give his team a chance to seal the victory and wanted to commemorate it.

The Jets will never get the benefit of the doubt in situations like this, at least not until they start winning consistently. The fact Brady was the one signing it made it even less favorable considering the damage he’s done to the franchise over the past two decades.

Former Jets linebacker Avery Williamson weighed in on Echols, showing support for the rookie.

Echols was a late-round pick and has flashed the potential to be the Jets’ starting CB2 again in 2022. This moment was a bright spot in his young career, and he is clearly enjoying each step along his NFL journey.

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Oliver Cochrane is a Jets X-Factor news and social media contributor. Email: olivercochrane[at]
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8 months ago

NY Media is cancer and most media in general are cancer. He was a baby when Brady was playing im sure he grew up a Brady fan who cares what he does after the games…

Its like these internet crazy nuts attacking him for asking something other players do every game with jersey swamps? Bart Scott really needs to be fired same with the rest of the clowns at SNY

8 months ago

This is simply more evidence that the Jets are over quota on self-important mooks in their fan base.

verge tibbs
verge tibbs
8 months ago

I see how it looks bad to older fans like me, in my 40s. I especially cringe when guys get on twitter and effusively praise players from other teams, like, keep that shit to yourself. Supposed to be rivalry. But to me this is a bit different. He’s a 6th rd rookie, picked off brady and got that ball signed by him. Probably never gonna play against the goat again and no matter what happens, he’ll always have that signed picked ball. Matter fact, a guy as competitive as brady, he’s lucky he even signed it, i would half expect him to throw the ball in the stands n tell him to eff off, lol