Zach Wilson, New York Jets black uniforms, Jets uniform edit
Zach Wilson, New York Jets Black Uniforms, Twitter: @LyleTheEgg, Getty Images

A classic version of the New York Jets’ black uniform emerges

As draft season trickles closer, there aren’t many things New York Jets fans can agree on.

There is one thing many fans do agree on: The team’s uniforms are in need of some classic flair that has been missing since the latest rework.

The Jets’ most recent uniform update came in 2019. New York currently sports three sets of uniforms: “Gotham Green”, “Spotlight White”, and “Stealth Black.” The designs are simplistic and sharp, but a sizable portion of a fanbase wants to take it in a different direction.

A recent uniform edit from Twitter user @LyleTheEgg features Zach Wilson stealing the show in a modified version of the “Stealth Black” uniforms. These feature the same colors but are presented in a way that reminds you of a more traditional style.

One of the common themes in these fan-made uniform mockups tends to be a logo change. As seen in the one above, the current logo is gone and in comes the Jets logo that was used from 1978-97. This logo incorporates the iconic jet outline, much more encompassing of the team than the inescapable football shapes from the current version.

The white face mask is a more subtle change, contrasting much more off of the green helmets than the current black face masks.

The other big alteration comes around the sleeves of Wilson. A green stripe sandwiched by white strips wraps around the sleeves. These replace the current green stripe that wraps diagonally over the shoulder.

Other teams have recently opted for a similar style, including the Patriots and Browns who introduced redesigns ahead of the 2020 and 2021 seasons, respectively.

NFL rules require the Jets to wait for a minimum of five years before another redesign. Perhaps the team will look to revisit this style in 2024. Until then, there are plenty of mockups to admire along the way.

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