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Kyle Hamilton, NFL Draft, Notre Dame Football, New York Jets, Getty Images

Highly-regarded mock drafter submits his picks for New York Jets

The website “TheHuddleReport” features a running report of the most accurate NFL draft predictors in recent history. On the site’s current leaderboard, it’s Brendan Donahue of Sharp Football Analysis taking the top spot as the internet’s best mock drafter over the five-year span from 2017-21.

On February 28, Donahue released his first mock for the 2022 NFL draft, and it features a somewhat shocking pair of selections for the New York Jets.

Donahue has the Jets selecting Notre Dame safety Kyle Hamilton with the fourth overall selection. That pick certainly wouldn’t sit well with infamous Jets fan “Teddy”, who pleaded his case to head coach Robert Saleh as to why the team should not draft the Fighting Irish defender.

Hamilton is not a surprising prediction for the Jets at No. 4. He has been a common selection for the Jets in that spot ever since they landed there at the conclusion of the regular season.

What makes Donahue’s mock especially surprising is how he follows up the Hamilton pick.

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After already taking a slice of the DB pie in the top-five, Donahue has the Jets going in for seconds with the 10th overall pick. There, he foresees the Jets selecting LSU cornerback Derek Stingley Jr., rounding out a massive infusion of talent for the New York secondary.

This would be quite the historic pair of selections for the Jets. In modern NFL draft history, no team has ever selected two defensive backs within the top 10 of the same draft. The Jets have never even selected two defensive backs within the first round of the same draft, let alone the top 10.

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9 months ago

If this is the best mock drafter, I’d be shocked because his picks are terrible.
Hamilton might be great and the Jets need a safety but Douglas has a history of not picking DBs in the first round. Both Saleh and him want to build through the trenches.

The pick of Stingley is even worse. Here is a player who missed much of the last two years due to injuries, who has a history of being beaten for long gains/TDs and who is skipping the Combine where he could show off his health and ability. I could see another CB being picked but pick 10 is still too high when the Jets system does not emphasize CBs.

These picks are laughable and clearly the work of someone who knows very little about the Jets management.

9 months ago

Terrible choices. Jets lead the league in getting the best players at nonessential positions while ignoring the foundational pieces.

1st round needs to be edge and OT. Getting another Safety and an oft-injured overhyped CB is SOJ drafting. Focus on building a great team instead of hunting unicorns.

9 months ago

Two players with possibly the best upside in this draft. Free Agency sets the stage , but these picks are reflective of the potential depth at Edge and Offensive Line in this draft.