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Many in NFL believe Mekhi Becton will ‘never put on a Jets jersey again’

Mekhi Becton, NY Jets, Trade Rumor, Return, Injury
Mekhi Becton, New York Jets, Getty Images

Rumor has it that many people in the NFL believe Mekhi Becton has played his last game with the New York Jets

The noise surrounding New York Jets offensive tackle Mekhi Becton continues to grow louder and louder as the NFL draft nears.

Appearing on The NFL Rhodes Show With Lindsay Rhodes, draft insider Dane Brugler of The Athletic shared some extremely telling information regarding how people in the league view Becton’s future with the Jets.

“We don’t talk enough about the Jets,” Brugler said when discussing teams who could draft offensive tackle Ikem Ekwonu in the top-six. Brugler went on to explain that Becton’s murky future is the reason that New York could be in the hunt for a tackle.

“I don’t think we talk enough about Mekhi Becton. There are plenty of people around the league who believe that he’ll never put on a Jets jersey again. They think that ship has sailed.”

Becton has been the subject of nonstop controversy since the summer of 2021. There were some rumblings that he came to training camp out of shape, and he then proceeded to struggle mightily throughout camp during one-on-one reps against teammate Carl Lawson. He did his best to quell those concerns with two strong performances in the preseason.

In the Jets’ season opener against the Carolina Panthers, Becton suffered a knee injury after teammate Greg Van Roten fell on his leg. Initial reports claimed that Becton would miss somewhere from four to eight weeks but he ended up missing the entire season.

Since then, Becton has drawn continuous criticism for his mysteriously slow recovery as well as for his activity on social media, where he is often seen arguing with his critics. He recently drew some ire for his absence from the Jets’ voluntary workouts at the team facility in New Jersey (which was defended by his teammates).

Could general manager Joe Douglas finally confirm the team’s concerns about Becton through the selection of an offensive tackle in the first round of Thursday’s draft?

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2 years ago

Still think Mt. Becton won’t suit up again? Lol, I think he returns to his rookie form knowing his job is on the line. Our line can easily be top 5 with Becton on it!

2 years ago

This sounds like potential disinformation to throw teams off before the draft that you always hear prior to draft day. Maybe incentivize teams who want OT to move ahead of the jets or throw people off the scent. It could be true, just find the timing suspect.

2 years ago

The worst move Douglas has done as GM of the Jets was to draft Becton. The pick was between Becton and Tristan Wirfs. Wirfs is an All Pro in year 2. In year 1 Wirfs won a Superbowl blocking for Brady. Year 2 Wirfs makes the Pro Bowl and All Pro team gets hurt in the playoffs and suddenly the offense stalls. I could definitely see why others see that Becton will not play for the Jets again. BTW how does Brady go to the NFC and the Jets still help him by gifting him one the best Tackles in the the NFL. A huge piece in that last Superbowl run. Likely larger than the massive size of Becton.

Peter Buell
2 years ago

Just recent history makes you take pause about Bechton and his desire to play football. It sux to need to use a high pick for these reasons. But this might be where we are.
It’s why I keep going back to the article that suggested a trade with the Saints. We give up the 4 and get #16 and 19 in return.
Especially with the Bechton question 3 first rounders in a draft with few super star prospects but a deep draft in very good talent.
Based on a combination of recent mock drafts the Jets could fill alot of holes with 5 picks in the top 38.
10 16 19 35 38.
Unlike most I feel the line takes precedence over wr in the development of Wilson. WR is so deep we can get a burner at the top of round 2.
Using these 1st 5 picks in somewhat of an order but it could flips as we all know OL Cross Penning Linderbaum. DE/DL/LB Jordon Davis Jermaine Johnson George Karfalitis Nakobe Dean, WR Trey Burks Christian Watson John Metchie 3
2nd round 2 of CB/S Jalen Pitre Kaiir Elam Rodger McReary Kyler Gordon Lewis Cine.
3rd round trade up to 50 by giving up a 4th rounder if Chad Muma is still on the board.

2 years ago
Reply to  Peter Buell

You like going off mock drafts? Lol

Peter Buell
2 years ago
Reply to  Azuma76

Since I don’t watch or follow college football more than the top players and programs, what would you suggest.

2 years ago
Reply to  Peter Buell

Watch a players film, the tape don’t lie. The picks from the draft i believe will yield at least 3 all pro players maybe 4. The honey badger would take this defense to the next level

2 years ago

I find this article misleading at best. It states that “people around the league believe…” and then cites ONE person who calls the concept a rumor. C’mon, man.
From what I’ve seen Becton is in great shape and pumped to prove his critics wrong. He missed voluntary wo’s bc his wife is due to give birth any day. I’m not saying drafting a stud OT is necessarily a mistake given the contract status of Fant etc, but this article is wildly overstated.
The reality is that we are in the same situation, long-term concerns, at linebacker.
Hoping for: Edge (not Thibidoux), Gardner, trade up into the end of the first round for Linderbaum and grab a WR in later rounds

Peter Buell
2 years ago
Reply to  mlesko73

We absolutely need linebackers. They did draft two safeties last year that they were converting to LBs.
I’ve thought since the end of the year it would take two years to become a playoff team.
Joe has accomplished so much between free agency and the draft that if we had two good linebackers we might be ready to contend this year.
So Joe is almost a victim of his own success. If he hadn’t filled so many holes and upgraded the team much more quickly than expected he wouldn’t be getting this heat.
If he didn’t do so well the dearth of LBs wouldn’t even stand out.

2 years ago

The most important abilities in NFL football are durability and reliability. Both have become question marks hanging over Becton’s head. With Fant a threat to supplant Becton as the Jets’ blindside protector and rumors the CS is disillusioned with his ability to reach his potential, it’d be unwise to assume a trade is completely out of the question. Personally, I would not look to trade Becton as Fant’s contact is up after this upcoming season and I can’t speak to JD handing Fant, who will be 31 years old when the 2023 season opens, a huge contract to play LT for 2-3 years. Yes, he was fantastic in 2021… against pedestrians (by NFL standards) at DE/OLB. So, he’s not necessarily the stud many perceive him to be.

BUT much of this is why it may behoove the Jets to give Ekwonu a ring come draft night, put all 3 (Becton, Fant & Ekwonu) in competition for the two tackle spots and let them sort it out themselves during training camp. IF Becton shows he does indeed possess the requisite aforementioned abilities and regain his status as the Jets’ blindside protector, either of Ekwonu OR Fant would make for a competent swing tackle or a 6th lineman in jumbo/heavy packages. Critically, any of the 3 relegated to a backup role ensures, in the event of injury (a very high possibility with the Jets), that whoever comes in to sub will not be the liability that McDermott or Edoga already are. At season’s end, Fant can be allowed to walk with the Jets secure in the knowledge they have bookend tackles in Becton and Ekwonu or he can be re-signed for a more team friendly deal.

It’s strange that some clamor for a surplus of WRs (trade for Deebo AND draft one or even two additional WRs) when the book on Mims, who has suffered from the same durability and reliability issues as Becton AND, like Becton, showed great potential as a rookie, isn’t necessarily closed. Stranger still is the complete dismissal (by some) of the impact a returning Carl Lawson can have and how he routinely stole Becton’s lunch money last summer. With Bryce Huff beginning to come into his own last season, JFM doing a commendable enough job at DE to earn a contract extension and long tooth Vinny Curry coming back from injury, a day one starter at Edge isn’t entirely necessary. The Jets can absolutely get away with drafting a developmental DE to put into the rotation on passing downs, allowing the rookie to acclimate to the system. Lastly, the argument for drafting the top man cover CB to play in a predominantly zone defense that does not place high value on the position when there is already tremendous potential in the CB room is a bit of a head scratcher and practically constitutes a waste of Gardner’s primary talent.

Ultimately, there is enough depth at WR, DE AND CB in this not at all top heavy draft to take Ekwonu at 4, which would future proof the Jets’ offensive line and STILL come away with very good players at those other positions.

verge tibbs
2 years ago

Brugler has been all over ny jets media for months in this draft process, has a handful of youtube videos on the actual jets account. So i do find it weird that he says this 3 days before the draft. I dont put any weight into what other nfl people think about what jets will do, but i find this coming from brugler to be strange. But it doesnt really sway me in either direction. I mean, yea, if they draft an OT within the top 40, thatll be a clear sign. But i still dont think that happens. 2 more days!!

2 years ago

What a stupid article? He had a decent rookie year, he got hurt this year and he’s played his last game because he argues with critics online??? Just don’t lost articles if you don’t have anything good to write about. But this just hurts the team. Players read this really believing the team might cut or trade them when it’s sooo far from the truth. You gotta do better. So many positive things to write about. I guess it’s click bait since it made me read the article.