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Mekhi Becton addresses his doubters with custom shirt

New York Jets social media continues to buzz with speculation about offensive tackle Mekhi Becton. While head coach Robert Saleh provided an update on Becton’s injury status and availability, it’s what Saleh refused to say that has fans worried.

Saleh declined to comment about Becton’s weight, saying only that his knee is fine and that he should be ready to go for training camp. This is what Connor Hughes of The Athletic had to say about Saleh’s evasiveness:

Some might say that this is a stretch or nitpicking. That could very well be the case. But the fact remains that Saleh has gone out of his way to compliment Zach Wilson and Denzel Mims on their physical conditioning. The omission of any such comments about Becton speaks volumes, since he is the one whose physical shape is the most in question.

Becton clearly hears the doubters and the rumors. He has adopted the moniker “The Big Bust” instead of his usual “Big Ticket.” On Wednesday, he showed up for his press conference with a shirt reading “Big Bust” encircled by the words “fat,” “lazy,” “injury prone,” and “out of shape.” Becton takes all of this doubt as motivation.

When asked whether people have written him off, Becton said, “Yeah, and I don’t understand why. But it’s all good, though. I’m going to make them eat their words.”

That’s quite a statement from the behemoth left tackle. He continued on to say that he intends to win the starting left tackle position but is willing to play on the right side, as well.

While many expect George Fant to start on the left side due to his clearly superior play on the left side vs. the right, it would no doubt calm the minds of many Jets fans to see Becton make it an actual competition.

There is still a month and a half until training camp. Becton has time to get back into playing shape, but the questions and rumors continue to swirl. Becton now has time and motivation to put his money where his mouth is.

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All I care about is whether Becton is in shape for TC and how he plays after that. He is coming off a major injury and is still rehabbing. It would be natural for him to be somewhat out of shape and overweight Rehabbing an injury is different than doing aerobic conditioning or working to lose weight.


I trust Duke Manyweather much more than I do Jets fans many of whom are cynical, impatient, ignorant, and some of whom never wanted Becton in the first place. It was a more serious injury than Saleh claimed and is largely to blame for underselling it. It sounds to me that Saleh has a problem with Becton. Between the two, Saleh would be the one to go if I was running the team. Saleh needs to get his own house in order and do his job a lot better. His D sucked, and his practice regimen may have led to… Read more »


Your last sentence/paragraph is basically what I said in my initial response. I’m not going to obsess and worry about it unless or until it becomes a reality. I believe Becton when he said that he is going to make people eat their words and prove them wrong. He is a huge man, and most of it is muscle mass. His body fat content is not very high. He’s working with a dietician. I believe that he will be ready. Jets fans like to obsess over potential negatives. Many, are cynical and very negative in their perspectives, probably due to… Read more »


I totally understand. I’ve been a Jets fan since 1964 and have seen a LOT more bad than good, and have seen more dumb ownership moves, bad hires, horrible drafting, incompetence, ineptness, and bad luck than most Jets fans. Before JD was hired I had about lost hope, but made a decision that I was never going to become a negative nellie like many Jets fans and hang on when they have no hope. If I can remain positive, and not obsess over potential negativity, they can too. It’s a choice. I believe that many “Jets fans” are not really… Read more »