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Can rookie Max Mitchell fill the New York Jets’ No. 3 OT role? | Film

Blewett's Blitz, Max Mitchell, New York Jets
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Rookie Max Mitchell has a tough challenge ahead

Not many fans think about backups when thinking about a football team’s primary needs. But they should, and backup offensive tackle is arguably the second-most important backup on a depth chart, behind quarterback.

Look no further than the New York Jets offensive tackle situation during the 2021 season. Starting left tackle Mekhi Becton was lost for the season courtesy of a knee injury in Week 1. 

Fortunately, for the Jets, they signed Morgan Moses, who was a May addition and an unexpected one at that.

The full member-only Max Mitchell film breakdown can be seen at the bottom of this article (an hour and thirty-six minutes in length). 

Moses filled in admirably, which is the opposite of what other backup offensive tackles on the roster—Conor McDermott and China Edoga—could accomplish. 

Unfortunately, Moses was peeled away from the Jets, signing with the Baltimore Ravens, as he deserved a starting opportunity, which he wasn’t being offered in New York.

Considering how the 2022 NFL draft and free agency season shook out, the New York Jets’ third tackle situation is very much a current concern. Could a mid-round rookie actually fill that role? 

In the 2022 NFL draft, the Jets snagged Louisiana’s Max Mitchell. A versatile backup swing tackle, Mitchell has some impressive pass protection polish early in his career. Whether or not he’s ready as of this moment is another story. 

  • Can Mitchell step in immediately?
  • What does Mitchell have to work on?
  • Can he be a long-term starter?
  • Should the Jets sign another backup tackle?

All of the questions and many more are answered in this edition of Blewett’s Blitz. Moreover, an extended list of Max M\itchell’s strengths and weaknesses are listed below. 

YouTube clip and podcast episode

Strengths and weaknesses


  • Effort
  • Active eyes in pass pro scanning for threats
  • Patient feet
  • Rarely oversets
  • Active drag hand
  • Doesn’t chase blocks in run and pass
  • Commits up arc when rusher does
  • Stays square to LOS as long as possible
  • Lateral agility
  • Understands positional leverage
  • Can pull on counters/darts
  • Frames rushers well
  • Grip strength
  • Assist well on 1st level before climbing to 2nd
  • Roots feet so he doesn’t overset
  • Doesn’t reach for contact in pass pro, will reset
  • Flexibility
  • Changes up pass pro punches
  • Strike timing
  • Throws fake punches
  • Some examples of him “trapping” hands
  • Attacks hip to create movement
  • Good at picking up stunts and blitzes
  • Very active hands
  • Timing coming off of combo blocks
  • Gets to second level well
  • Ability to regain balance when off balance
  • Zone run blocking
  • Works hands well to re-fit in pass pro
  • Quick punch
  • Punch strength
  • Overall athleticism
  • Foot speed
  • Hand placement
  • Short area explosion
  • Applauded for leadership


  • Strength
  • Feet can stall in run blocks
  • Gets over toes when trying to drive defender
  • Post foot can get clunky/high
  • Has to watch feet crossing in run game
  • Needs to roll hips in run game
  • Needs to move with more control
  • Hands can be high and wide in run game
  • Can overcommit to 1st level making 2nd level climb more difficult
  • Could take safer angles to 2nd level more consistently
  • Hands can shoot from low in run game
  • Can get splashed
  • Anchor
  • Can lunge on jump/run sets
  • Too much push vs lift in run game
  • Can get overextended while run blocking
  • Can struggle to get back inside vs pass rush because of post foot

Member-only Max Mitchell film breakdown (1:36:00 in length)

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