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New York Jets fans are bracing for one of two superstitious streaks to end

With the New York Jets enjoying their best start through nine games in 12 years, Jets fans are clinging to every superstition they can find in an effort to keep the good times rolling.

Two superstitious streaks, in particular, have established themselves as rallying cries for the fanbase: The white-on-black uniforms and “the coin”.

One of these two streaks will falter on Sunday when the Jets visit the New England Patriots.

Let’s dive in, shall we?

The Jets’ white-on-black uniforms

In their Week 4 game against the Steelers, the Jets donned a uniform combination of white jerseys and black pants for the first time this season. It was just the second time in franchise history the Jets have worn such a combo (only being worn previously in a 2021 loss to the Colts).

New York won the Pittsburgh game and decided to wear the same uniform combination when the Dolphins came to town in Week 5. The Jets won yet again. Electing not to fix what wasn’t broken, the Jets continued wearing white-on-black in Weeks 6 and 7 and won both games against the Packers and Broncos. This moved the Jets to 4-0 with white-on-black.

In Week 8, the Jets were forced to abandon their lucky uniform as they had already declared prior to the year that they would wear their all-black uniform against the Patriots. The juju was ruined as the Jets lost to New England.

The following week, the Jets turned back to their beloved white-on-black uniform with the Bills coming to town. Buffalo was favored by double-digits. Jets fans knew going into this game: If the Jets somehow won this game after losing to a lesser Patriots team, the white-on-black uniforms would officially be the real deal.

And you all know what happened next. The Jets pulled off the upset, establishing themselves as a real threat in the AFC East.

This surprising victory moved the Jets to 5-0 when they wear white-on-black compared to 1-3 when they wear any other uniform.

Many people think the Jets are improving because of the increased talent level of the roster. I beg to differ. The white-on-black uniforms are clearly the main driving force behind New York’s resurgence. Acquiring better players is somewhat helpful on the quest to winning, but I’m not sure the Jets would be where they are without the white-on-black uniforms.

Team owner Woody Johnson announced on Thursday that the white-on-black uniforms will return for the Jets’ Week 11 rematch with the Patriots.

With the white-on-black uniforms on their side, the Jets are clearly set for another victory, right?

Not so fast. Enter “the coin”, which has become a religion of sorts for some Jets fans.

The coin

On August 21 (weeks before the season began), Twitter user “Nooner” (@noonernation) posted a photo that showcased their predictions for every game on the Jets’ 2022 schedule. Their process for the predictions? Flipping a coin to predict each game.

As the season progressed, the coin-flip prediction began to accumulate popularity across social media as it nailed one game after the next. The coin finished with a 9-0 record entering the bye week.

The coin says the Jets will lose to New England this week. That would sting for Jets fans, but devout followers of the coin will rest easy knowing that the short-term pain will lead to long-term gain. The coin predicts the Jets will finish 11-6 before winning two playoff games and having their magical run end in the AFC Championship Game.

One of these two superstitions will crumble on Sunday. Will the Jets lose their first game of the year in the white-on-black uniform? Or will the legend of the coin meet its demise?

There is no storyline more important than this one heading into Sunday’s crucial game.

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4 months ago

I hope that this article is with tongue planted firmly in cheek! Even so, IMO it’s a waste of bandwidth. Superstitions are dumb and childish. The very idea that a uniform combination, especially when it ignores the team’s basic two colors (green and white), could cause them to win is beyond belief it is so irrational.

The Jets are winning because they have a great GM in Joe Douglas who has assembled not only a lot of talented players, but players who love football, who have high character, great work ethics, who believe in themselves, and are perfect scheme fits. It’s also because they have a good young CS who is learning on the job, but whom the players believe in and love. It is a perfect marriage.

When Joe Douglas was hired and I read everything I could about him and saw the way he went about his work, I KNEW in the depths of my soul that things were looking up for the Jets and that they would become a winner.

Put your faith in real things, in the GM, CS, and players on the Jets, and not in silly superstitions!

Mauricio Jaramillo
Mauricio Jaramillo
4 months ago