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Wilson, NY Jets’ punt coverage embarrassing in 10-3 Patriots loss

Zach Wilson, New York Jets, New England Patriots
Zach Wilson, New York Jets, New England Patriots, Getty Images

A game of inches became a game of legs

The 14th time’s anything but the charm for the New York Jets.

Gang Green’s futility against the New England Patriots continued in the most heartbreaking fashion on Sunday, as they dropped a 10-3 defensive struggle to their bitter rivals, their 14th consecutive defeat in the divisional rivalry. Marcus Jones scored the only touchdown of the game on an 84-yard punt return with five seconds remaining, capping off a sloppy defensive struggle.

Jones’ winning score drearily outpaced Zach Wilson‘s 77-yard day, 34 of which came on a single reception to Denzel Mims in the first half. As a whole, New York (6-4) mustered only 29 yards of offense in the second half, wasting a dominant pass rush effort from the defense.

Six different Jets had sacks on the afternoon, as they likewise held New England to only a field goal from Nick Folk. With the Jets only able to counter with a similar triple from Greg Zuerlein en route to a 3-3 halftime score, the two teams combined for only 19 first downs and neither reached 300 yards. New England (6-4) won that battle 297-103 and likewise raised the pressure with four sacks of their own.

With the loss, New York missed out on an opportunity to take over first place in the AFC East and also dropped its first road game of the season. The Jets’ next opportunity for redemption comes in an interconference showdown next week when they take on the Chicago Bears at home on Sunday (1 p.m. ET, Fox).

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1 year ago

To everyone pointing out the lack of a run game, when the opponent doesn’t respect your QB they creep up on the line. Yes, the first Mims drop would’ve been helpful to loosen up the D, but w/o sustained success the D will always jam the box.
Mac Jones is not an above avg QB yet he completed over 80% of his throws in the same weather. Zach completed less than 40% of throws when the receiver had 3+ yds of separation!
No excuses. I was fully supportive of giving Zach a reasonable time to succeed, but it looks like mentally he is not ready. His comments post game are just as troubling. We need to make a decision for the sake of the team. There are playoff bonuses on the line, and the defense deserves their shot. Put Zach on an extremely short leash against the Bears. If a change is needed then make it.
In the post season make hard runs at Lamar and Jimmy G and let the cards fall where they may.

1 year ago

I’m ready to see White or Streveler.

Peter Buell
1 year ago
Reply to  Bird9

Might be worth a shot but they had to go deep. Wilson’s best atribute right now is a gun of an arm and Lefluer is calling wheel routes where you need to float the ball.
Ik all week the Pats would press with thier D backs and the needed to open it up with some deep throws
. Mims drops the 1st pass 20 yards down field right in his hands after a should have been fumble (catch and a football move) the Jets would have had the ball at the one. Saleh should have challenged.
Two huge momentum plays that should have been.
Zack was horrible but the line was as bad or worse.
Take Wilson’s 26 yards on 3 runs out and they have 33 yards rushing.
Everyone is killing Zack and today rightly so but it’s telling how bad the line is when you have a total of 33 rushing yards.
Back to the play calling…if there was a 1st down incompletion it was a run up the middle next for nothing or a loss.
Very predictable!
A gut punch game if ever there was one.

1 year ago
Reply to  Peter Buell

I think you’re pretty much spot on, however I don’t think that catch fumble would have been overturned. Honestly, I’m speechless over this one, and the reason is, I’m not sure who to blame. Yes, Zach was horrible, but as you pointed out 33 rushing yards doesn’t make it feel like the QB was the only issue.

Tomlinson stinks. I’ve been waiting for him to come out of this “funk” but he’s been plain bad. If they weren’t paying him $40million or whatever he’d be benched. I’m also tired of McGovern letting guys stunt right past him.

I do like LaFleur, today wasn’t his most shining moment. I do question his use of MC. I don’t understand why he’s not featured more. It was different when Hall was playing but why do I need to see Ty Johnson? Why didn’t they press the edge more in the run game? I saw plenty of runs into the teeth of the DL.

We need more from Zach, but I can’t help to think a lot of the guys who were supposed to help him just aren’t on the field. We’ve got 3 starting offensive lineman who weren’t even part of the plan with Cedric and Brown. Feeney is the backup to the backup, Hall, Davis both out. When I looked out there and see, Feeney, Cedric, Brown, Berrios, Mims, McGovern, Ty Johnson I think to myself how is this different than last year?

I don’t care who the QB is, they need to run the ball. I know people are pointing to Mac Jones saying look at his numbers he played in the same conditions but there were plays he had lots of time. There were plays WR’s were running wide open. I haven’t seen the all 22 but it just seems the Jets OL didn’t create anything in terms of “space” for the RB’s, QB or WR’s. If that makes sense.

I too am pissed. I didn’t think Saleh was horrible, after all he does coach the defense too and that was pretty much as good a defensive game as you’ll get considering time of possession, and field position not in their favor. I have mixed feelings about playing for OT. I didn’t hate it/didn’t love it. I could easily see both sides and I think he was trying to get the game a little more balanced so one big mistake wouldn’t cost them, and it turned out that it did.

Gut punch for sure. Que the questions all week to both offense and defense if they have confidence in Zach.

Rivka Boord
1 year ago
Reply to  Jets71

Go watch the film. There were many plays that Wilson had lots of time and receivers wide open.

1 year ago
Reply to  Rivka Boord

Yup, the mental part of the game seems to be beyond him (and how to utter a simple cliche or take any responsibility).

1 year ago
Reply to  Rivka Boord

Just watched the 22…yep you’re right. There were guys there, which actually takes some of the heat off LaFleur, not all but on some level there were plays to be made.

Peter Buell
1 year ago

Sorry about the spelling below. I’m still so pissed

Peter Buell
1 year ago

Saleh and Lefleur were horrible. Saleh basically comes down to the final minute playing for OT where if you get the ball you’re going against the wind and if you give up the ball you could lose without touching it.
Wilson was bad, but who calls a wheel that requires loft when the wind is blowing back at you.
The 1st 3 quarters every 1st down was a throw followed by a run usually for a loss.
This was the most predictable offensive game plan I’ve ever seen.
The offense line was horrible. Lankenson basically waved people threw so much it’s noticeable on tv.
If you want to out it all on the QB who was lousy then show my some yardage on the run.
The Patriots d backs, like I said a few times during the week was up tight and if Wilson has anything it’s a gun of an arm. Throw the ball deep where zip comes into play and not touch.
Breece Hall was the only thinking that could have helped this offense and playing not to lose almost always results in a loss.