Craig Carton, Evan Roberts, Sauce Gardner, Garrett Wilson
Craig Carton, Evan Roberts, Sauce Gardner, Garrett Wilson, Jet X Graphic, Getty Images

We accept the challenge, Craig

Jets X-Factor, the most-read independent New York Jets platform in the world (averaging well over 500,000 monthly sessions and over 60,000 total mobile app downloads via iOS and Android), is making some waves in the local New York media market.

(Yeah, that’s an unabashed flex—deal with it.)

On Sports Radio 660 AM/101.9 FM, WFAN, Craig Carton and Evan Roberts host a radio show called Carton & Roberts, which airs from 2 to 7 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday (the prestigious afternoon drivetime slot). I grew up listening to both Boomer & Carton and Benigno & Roberts, and continue listening to Carton & Roberts on my drives from work as an adult.

To have our site mentioned on their show is an honor. Give the full segment a listen here:

It started when Roberts brought up a tweet from Michael Nania last week and mentioned that Nania writes for Jets X-Factor.

First, Carton spent a few minutes harping on Michael’s last name, comparing it to the Chronicles of Narnia. Very original, Craig—but we all know that Carton & Roberts is there for the afternoon shenanigans, in addition to the sports talk, so we’ll give the lack of creativity a pass.

Evan quoted a tweet from Nania about the performance of the Jets’ running game with and without Breece Hall—a stat, incidentally, that was cited by Robert Saleh in his Monday press conference. (Perhaps Saleh reads Jet X, too.)

Then, Evan went on to pay Jet X the ultimate compliment, labeling us with “the best Jets content on the internet.” Carton disputed that praise without actually having read any of our content, bringing up some other outlets that he says do a tremendous job.

The segment concluded with some discussion about whether Jet X and Nania follow Carton or Roberts on Twitter (Roberts yes, Carton no). I have no skin in that game since, as many of our regular readers know, I do not have a Twitter account.

Who we are

Craig, I think you need some education about our site, which Evan has been following for several years. I guarantee you this: However good some of the other Jets’ content is, we’re better.

As our byline says, we provide the best Jets content in the world. Evan already referenced us on air in 2020 during the Tank for Trevor sweepstakes, when Nania put together a comprehensive strength-of-schedule rooting guide for Jets fans to win the battle. (Alas, Braden Mann took care of those dreams.)

First of all, we are credentialed with the Jets. Robby Sabo, the co-founder of our site, previously founded Elite Sports NY (ESNY) and is a member of the Pro Football Writers of America. He’s also a member of XL Media’s online sports betting team.

Robby runs a weekly podcast together with Wayne Chrebet called Underdog Jets, as well as periodic in-depth film breakdowns called Sabo’s Sessions. He also enjoyed a recent appearance on NBC’s Sports Final with Bruce Beck.


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If you want to know what’s really going on with a particular set of plays, there’s no one better versed than Robby, who also coaches high school football.

Michael Nania is another co-founder of the site and is, as his bio says, one of the best New York Jets analytical minds in the world. Nania’s Numbers break down the nitty-gritty of Jets content while combining cold, hard numbers and film backup. He utilizes nontraditional numbers that you won’t find on any other site and picks apart the data provided by non-informed media members and site owners.

Michael and his co-host Ben Blessington run a popular podcast called Cool Your Jets each week during the season and on an offseason schedule, as well. Michael was also written up in The New York Daily News at just 19 years old.

Joe Blewett completes the triumvirate of founders with the most in-depth Jets film breakdown you will ever find. From subtleties in a player’s stance and footwork to truly identifying the credit or blame for a particular set of plays, Blewett’s Blitz segments usually run over two hours long for members of our site.

His podcast together with Kyle Smith allows fans to respond and hear directly about the ins and outs of the Jets.

We also have a strong cast of supporting writers, social media content editors, video editors, and various other staff, including Andrew Golden, Stefan Stelling, Geoff Magliocchetti, Vitor Paiva, David Wyatt-Hupton, Sam Crnic, Johanna Swiderski, James Wighaus, Thomas Christopher, Ian Roddy, Ryan Cole, Ryan Moran, Brendan Vander Vliet, Matt Enwhyjay (yes, the NYJ_Matt you mentioned), Oliver Cochrane and Mike Levy (the always-fun NYJ Mike on Twitter).

Oh, and there’s me, Rivka Boord; I suppose I provide something of value or they would’ve canned me by now.

Incidentally, Evan, we’re a bunch of guys and gals who work on this Jets platform that reaches far beyond the harsh casualties of Twitter fandom. Johanna and I represent the fairer sex while emphasizing the need for more female voices in sports.

The challenge

Carton said that he’s going to follow us and give us one week to earn his loyalty. Challenge accepted, Craig.

It’s at this point when we should throw an actual challenge into the mix. Then again, Craig Carton’s Jets X-Factor education may be enough information for one day in the WFAN neighborhood.

Perhaps Jets X-Factor’s most abided-by mantra is that there isn’t just one type of New York Jets fan (or sports fan in general).

If digging into the actual film and X’s and O’s is your thing, cool, we have you covered. If allowing yourself to get hyped up for the offseason rumor mill is what you’re all about, then cool, we have you covered. If Twitter is where you mainly hang out, living and dying by the casual-fan principles such a platform promotes, then cool, we have you covered.

Which type of New York Jets fan is Craig Carton? This is the ultimate question.

Prior to Evan’s Jet X introduction on Monday, a “somewhat confused” Jets fan could be thrown into the mix. But hey, no more.

This WFAN afternoon drivetime host, who was once lost, has since been found. This babe in the woods named Craig Carton has officially been resurrected, thanks to one Evan Roberts.

Welcome to the good stuff, Craig Carton, and let the world know that your new mantra is, “Jets fans for Jet X.”

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Rivka Boord has followed the Jets since the age of five. She is known locally for her in-depth knowledge of football. She hopes to empower young women to follow their dreams and join the sports conversation. Boord's background in analytics infuses her articles with unique insights into the state of the Jets' franchise and the NFL as a whole.
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4 months ago

Just yesterday I was telling my 18 yr old son that he really needs to expand his knowledge of the Jets beyond Twitter. He assured me that most of JetsX content gets posted on Twitter. He even knew Nania by name, although he asked if I knew that Nania was “just a kid about my age?” Close to true, but I promised him that Nania knows his stuff.
Rivka, you know from my comments that I read everything you write, and you’re fantastic at what you do. You really outdid yourself with this piece though, love the sarcasm and swagger (backed by facts, of course).
Don’t know this WFAN show b/c I’m in OR, but when I lived back east I listened to Mike & the Mad Dog, even tho Francesa was an intolerable Giants/Skankees guy.
Thanks Jets X, keep up the good work

4 months ago

I love that the BEST place for Jets news and commentary is getting recognized! I have to check this site at least once a day, 7 days a week. This site treats me like an adult. No inane TV personality takes that are never funny. I even love the adult comment section where commenters are not ripping each other apart. It is such an oasis for logical thinkers and true Jets fans. Keep it up!

Jim G
Jim G
4 months ago

Congratulations to the JetsxFactor team for getting well-deserved media recognition. I am more impressed that Robert Saleh quoted a stat developed by Michael Nania.

There is a difference between reporting and entertainment. Good reporters not only report the news but also give analysis and provide context. That is where the JetsxFactor team excels, that is why I subscribe and that is why I check it every day, even when I was in Ireland for 17 days.

Anyone can have opinions. Just give me some facts and analysis. I can form my own opinion.

4 months ago
Reply to  Jim G

How was the “fry” in Ireland? I miss a good fry!

Jonathan Richter
Jonathan Richter
4 months ago

Carton and Roberts wish they knew as much about football and the Jets as you guys do. Thanks to you, Rivka, and Nania, Sabo, Blewett and all the other great writers, podcasters and film analysts for being the best Jets site ever,

Michael Nania
4 months ago

Appreciated! Thanks for reading and commenting!

4 months ago

Good for you guys (and gals). You deserve it.

4 months ago

The best Jets stuff is Jet X and Ganggreen Nation.