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NY Jets lose Carr race as QB chooses Saints: Is it Rodgers time?

Derek Carr, NY Jets, Saints, Sign
Derek Carr, New York Jets, Getty Images

Derek Carr is a New Orleans Saint, pointing the New York Jets toward Aaron Rodgers

According to multiple reports, including ESPN’s Adam Schefter and NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, free agent quarterback Derek Carr is closing in on an agreement with the New Orleans Saints and could reach a deal as early as Monday. Carr had met twice with the New York Jets and was considered one of their top quarterback targets.

The deal is for four years.

Despite other reports that claimed the Jets were leading the charge for Carr, Rapoport says that New Orleans was leading the charge all along.

With Carr off the board, all eyes in Florham Park have turned to one man: Aaron Rodgers.

The news of Carr heading to New Orleans begs the question of where the Jets stand with Rodgers. Does Carr know the Jets are going to land Rodgers, prompting him to make his decision to sign elsewhere? Or are the Jets still waiting on Rodgers, meaning they simply lost out on Carr?

If the former is true, all should be fine for New York, and it’s just a matter of when the Rodgers news is announced. But if the latter is true, the Jets are going down a dangerous path. Losing out on Carr without confirmation from Rodgers could cause the Jets to miss out on both of their top two quarterback options, leaving them in an extremely precarious predicament.

The first domino has fallen. Now we wait to hear what happens with Rodgers.

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1 year ago

Now is the time for the Jets to stand firm at not trading their first round pick. If you factor in Roger’s age, declining performance, and short horizon for playing, I think Jimmy G is a comparable value anyway. I would offer one third round pick for Rogers to start the bidding, maybe settle at this year’s second and next year’s third.

Mike Palazzo
Mike Palazzo
1 year ago

I’m not sure about the whole Rodgers Trade. How much will it cost? Is it really worth it? How many years do you get out of Rodgers? Patience has been key in the Douglas and Saleh era. I like JD and Saleh. I would hate to see impatience ruin what has been built since there arrival. If they were to get canned then where do the Jets go from there? I would hate to go back to the Maccagnan, Bowles and Gace era. That was a mess. Progress has been Slow. 2020 (2-14) 2021 (4-13) 2022 (7-10) 2023 (?). A 10-7 Record would be what the Jets would have to aim for IMO to keep showing progress. Is this record achievable without Rodgers? I believe so with a good QB and a good O-line.

1 year ago

I like Carr, but I don’t love Carr. This felt like Kirk Cousins 2.0, and I suspect JD felt the same way. That said, either they know they can get a deal done with Rodgers, or they feel comfortable with an alternative via FA. He doesn’t strike me as dumb GM, so for now I’ll trust his judgment. Personally, unless Rodgers wants to be here (a big if imo), and is highly motivated, Carr and a bunch of others are about the same. Good enough to make the playoffs with this roster and limited injuries, but not able to beat the elite QBs who will be there.

Harlan Lachman
Harlan Lachman
1 year ago

If the Jets trade more than 6th or 7th round pick for Rodgers they are the same old jets and I maybe I can allow my frustration to just give up on the NFL.

The salary alone makes me leary of Rodgers and I do not mean the first year reduction but the tail end of the deal. One year of better QB play will only delay a permanent solution and result in years of more mediocrity or worse.

I hope Woody’s infatuation with Green Bay left overs did not prevent Carr from picking the Jets. At this point, However Cimini’s and the bozo who no writes for the Athletic’s constant mentioning of the Jets’ preference for Rodgers pits my fears of how dumb Woody is versus how bad these reporters are.

I would hope we draft OL and Safeties in the draft and see what else shows up. The worst that could happen with Wilson is that we get in next draft’s queu for a new QB. I fear the worst.

1 year ago

I said the Saints all along for Carr. I never saw him wanting the Jets. My feeling is this draft is weak, and if they have to give up a 1st round pick for Rogers, I see this as the year to do it. This is a HUGE IF, but if Rogers wants to play football, he’s the better choice. Nobody likes him we know, but a focused Rogers will be better than any player at 13. Does anybody know his mindset? I would think they will have a good handle on that before giving anything up for him. I still think we end up with Jimmy, which everybody will hate, but he’s an upgrade and if what everybody was saying last season: “With a competent QB this is a playoff team” then Jimmy is an upgrade.

At this point, I’m in on Rogers.

Robert Papalia
1 year ago

This is what happens when your first round draft choice qb falls flat on his face. Joe Douglas has outsmarted himself. Now if you get Rodgers what are you going to give up? How much are you going to pay him? Will he come to the spring practices or will he be a distraction by not showing up. This is a Joe Douglas problem whatever happens next.