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What is taking so long between Aaron Rodgers and the New York Jets?

The New York Jets met with Aaron Rodgers in California on Tuesday, bringing along some of the most important people in the organization. Since then, all reports have seemed to indicate that the Jets are the only team interested in Rodgers and there is momentum toward a deal happening soon. Countless Jets players have openly recruited Rodgers on social media.

But here we are on Thursday morning, and Rodgers is still not a Jet.

What’s holding up the deal?

Here are four things that could be prolonging the trade process.

1. Contract restructure

This certainly seems to be the most likely candidate. Rodgers has a contract that is not only enormous but extremely complex. Jets X-Factor’s Rivka Boord broke the contract down in great detail here.

To put it in the simplest terms, Rodgers would definitely have to agree upon alterations to his contract for a trade to be facilitated. As-is, Rodgers’ deal would create an untenable amount of dead money on the Packers’ cap sheet if he were traded without making changes to the contract. There needs to be a compromise found that works for all three parties: Rodgers, Green Bay, and the Jets.

New York obviously needs to take on some degree of Rodgers’ remaining money, but to what extent is something that can be negotiated between the Jets and the Packers, so this can certainly be something that is holding up the trade. Rodgers will also want to ensure the new contract terms are something he is on board for.

With three different sides involved in this conversation, it would not be surprising if these talks are the main reason the trade has not been completed yet.

2. Trade compensation

This feels less likely to be a holdup than the contract talks, but it’s possible.

Green Bay has already granted New York permission to speak with Rodgers, so that suggests there is a chance the two teams have already agreed on a trade. Would the Packers really let the Jets speak to Rodgers if they didn’t even know yet whether the Jets were willing to give them what they want in a potential trade?

Still, perhaps the two teams are haggling over a final minuscule detail in the trade package. It could be a disagreement that is not large enough to prevent the deal from happening – as both parties desperately want to get this done prior to free agency on March 13, so somebody will give in – but large enough to force the two teams to use the time at their disposal to try and perfect the terms.

If the media is to be believed, it does not seem like the Jets would have to part ways with a lucrative trade package to acquire Rodgers.

Daniel Jeremiah said he heard rumors at the combine that Rodgers can be acquired without giving up a first-round pick. ESPN’s Rich Cimini predicted the Jets can get Rodgers for a 2023 second-round pick and a conditional 2024 third-round pick. NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo said the Packers are just looking to “get as fair of compensation as we can”. Sports Illustrated’s Albert Breer has also said he does not believe the Jets will have to part ways with the 13th overall pick to get Rodgers.

3. Clearing space

The Jets restructured C.J. Uzomah’s contract on Wednesday to clear $3.6 million in cap space. It’s possible the Jets are waiting to close the deal until they make a few more moves to clear cap room, allowing themselves to fit Rodgers onto their cap sheet more comfortably.

4. Waiting on Rodgers

Knowing what we know about Rodgers, it’s totally possible that all systems are a go, but Rodgers is simply taking his time to mull his decision.

Something should happen prior to Monday

The NFL’s legal tampering period opens on Monday, March 13. It seems like a near certainty that we will have a conclusion on Rodgers prior to that date. Both teams will want to know where they stand from a cap perspective before free agency opens. Without having a conclusion on Rodgers before March 13, it would be impossible to operate in free agency.

Something is going to happen very soon.

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Peter Buell
Peter Buell
11 days ago

It’s ridiculous and more than a bit scary that this has dragged in to this time frame with less than a day left b4 pre-fa.
We are putting all eggs into one basket for a QB who is not sure he wants to leave Green Bay and most scary not sure he still wants to play.
I would have signed Carr and it seems that’s what Joe D and his staff and Rob Saleh and his staff preferred.
Carr’s cap hit this year is $7.2m…goes up to 35 45 55 but for this year, if they can get the other re-structures done it opens $60m in cap space to fill all holes along with the draft.
If nothing by 3pm, pivot to Jimmy G on Monday with Mike White as QB2.
Finally GB is desperate to rid themselves of Rodgers contract and uncertainty.
GB is in horrible cap shape. Now Stafford is up for grabs taking more leverage from GB. If it gets done tomorrow Joe will get it done for a 3rd rounder with the Packers picking up 1/3 of the cap space.
Might be room to get Devonta Adams…be still my heart.
Adams Garrett Elijiah Conklin (I’d bring back Robbie Anderson on the cheap as WR4..will still be just 30)
With Breece Bam and Cafter

Mike Palazzo
Mike Palazzo
12 days ago

If Douglas can pull this Trade off and still plan for the future then he is keeper IMO. I can’t remember the last time a Jets GM was this good at his job. I’m down to get Rodgers and believe the Jets will get him to come aboard on good terms that are not only team friendly but terms that Rodgers himself will be happy with. Once Rodgers is a go then there will be much more work to do with getting the rest of the team in order for the 2023 season.

Peter Buell
Peter Buell
13 days ago

If I’m the Jets..first send Woody for coffee…to Seattle.
The Packers are the more desperate of the teams.
Gree Bay should eat some of tge contract and be happy with a 3rd rounder and riding themselves of the burdensome contract and the impediment he causes in re-building the team.

13 days ago

“If the media is to be believed…”

Thanks for bringing some levity to the topic

Peter Buell
Peter Buell
11 days ago
Reply to  mlesko73