Tim Boyle, NY Jets, Zach Wilson, QB
Tim Boyle, New York Jets, Getty Images

New York Jets quarterback Tim Boyle speaks about Aaron Rodgers, Zach Wilson, and Nathaniel Hackett

Tim Boyle brings a unique perspective to the New York Jets‘ quarterback room. The 28-year-old passer is a new face in Florham Park, yet he is extremely familiar with many of the Jets’ most important offensive figures.

Boyle spent three years with the Green Bay Packers (2018-20). During that time, he became close with Aaron Rodgers, Nathaniel Hackett, Allen Lazard, and Randall Cobb, all of whom are now alongside Boyle in New York.

As someone who has already spent multiple seasons learning under Rodgers and Hackett, Boyle understands the exact situation Zach Wilson finds himself in – and he thinks it is an excellent environment for the development of the former second overall pick.

“I think this is probably a great thing for him,” Boyle said on the Cool Your Jets Podcast. “Being able to take a step back, take a fresh breath of air and learn from Aaron. And kind of get his confidence, kind of get his swagger and his mojo back, and hit the ground running.”

Boyle says he’s impressed with the work Wilson has done, and that he has been a tremendous teammate in the locker room.

“I do want all the Jets fans who are going to watch this to understand Zach truly is a quality human being, and he understands exactly what he’s doing. He’s a wonderful talented quarterback and he is a pleasure to be around every day.”

Boyle praised the mentorship that Rodgers brings into the building and broke down how Rodgers has been heavily engaged in the meeting rooms.

“Aaron this springtime has been awesome when it comes to, hey, if there are questions in the meeting or if Aaron is kind of thinking outside the box on something, he stops the whole meeting and he really breaks it down for the quarterbacks.

“Aaron’s done a wonderful job of kind of taking [Zach] under his wing as well and making him understand, ‘Hey, this is what I’m seeing here.’ And Zach kind of comes and says, ‘Hey, well this is what I was thinking.’ You have that conversation that blossoms into this beautiful understanding of what we’re trying to do. And I think it’s extremely healthy for the quarterback room.”

In the interview, Boyle also spoke in great detail about things the average fan might not know about playing quarterback in the NFL. Some of the topics discussed include:

  • A QB’s typical process from when he receives the play call to when the ball is snapped: relaying the call, what he reads pre-snap, what adjustments he makes at the line, etc.
  • What he has learned from Aaron Rodgers about using pre-snap cadence to fool the defense
  • His mindset as a backup quarterback, especially going into this particular season with Rodgers and Wilson ahead of him on the depth chart
  • The impact of Nathaniel Hackett’s energy and positivity in the locker room, and how his teaching style simplifies information for the QB
  • Coming up through the ranks with Allen Lazard as a fellow 2018 undrafted free agent

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