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Former general manager Mike Tannenbaum joined ESPN to talk about the New York Jets on NFL Live

Since Aaron Rodgers has become a member of the New York Jets, the media spotlight has yet to dim. Between players, coaches, and talking heads, everyone has an opinion on the team and how much success (or lack thereof) they will have this season.

Now, former Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum has given his thoughts on the team’s potential outcome this season.

Appearing on a segment of NFL Live on ESPN, Tannenbaum discussed many things – one of them being his former team. When asked if the Jets were “an Aaron Rodgers away from greatness”, the former GM didn’t mince words.

“No, and there’s a big reason why,” started the former Jets’ GM. “The offensive line. Older quarterbacks do not leave the league because of their arm, they leave because of their legs – and I’ve been around guys like Vinny Testaverde, Brett Favre, Jay Cutler, amongst others. And when you look at that great Buccaneers offense, it was led by Donovan Smith, Ryan Jensen, and Tristan Wirfs up front to let Tom Brady go to work.”

Tannenbaum believes the Jets’ potential offensive line problems could create an early end to the honeymoon period between Rodgers and Gang Green.

“When you think of Aaron Rodgers, he struggles when pressured like all quarterbacks do. Look at left tackle. Mekhi Becton has played in one game in two years. Duane Brown is going to be 38 – he only played 12 games. So, if there is a vulnerability on this Jet offense, it’s upfront. There’s too many questions in my mind for a guy in Aaron Rodgers, who can still throw with the best of them, that clearly isn’t as mobile. And that’s where he struggled a year ago, with pressure.”

There is some substance to Rodgers being inaccurate when facing pressure, but saying he struggles isn’t true. The 39-year-old signal caller has consistently been in the top 10 among quarterbacks in terms of touchdowns thrown when pressured. For his career, Rodgers has 111 touchdowns and only 37 interceptions when pressured.

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Thomas Christopher
Thomas Christopher has been covering the Jets since 2018. He is an avid sports fan, mixed martial artist, fantasy football player and Rex Ryan stan. He's also one of Jets X-Factor's breaking news writers. Email: tpascar[at]yahoo.com
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Jim G
Jim G
5 months ago

Mike Tennenbaum’s words have credibility to me. The offensive line being a weakness has been a constant refrain on this site. I just think he felt the need to inject some “controversy” into a discussion and what better way to do that than to take a contrarian position.

Let’s face it: sports talk radio and/or TV is nothing more than scripted reality TV, only one step up from Desperate Housewives of …” wherever.

5 months ago

Yeah, but who cares what he thinks! He was a “cap guy” kind of team president who was handed a GM job he was not qualified for. There is no credibility in his words in my opinion!